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December 12, 2000
Distributed Object Promotion Group completes
world's first successful EJB, security and
INS interconnectivity verification tests
in multi-vendor product environments
       The Distributed Object Promotion Group (DOPG), working through committees 
(working groups) organized by technical field, is pushing ahead with tests and other 
activities for verifying interconnectivity among various types of products that use 
the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA).  The Transaction/Component 
Working Group, Security Working Group and Interoperability Working Group have now 
successfully completed the world's first interconnectivity verification tests in 
their respective fields.

- EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans™) interconnectivity verification -
       First-stage EJB interconnectivity tests conducted in November this year by 
the Transaction/Component Working Group, chaired by Fujitsu Ltd., resulted in the 
first-ever verification of EJB interconnectivity among multiple vendor products.  
In late 1999, the Group set about extending verification testing to component 
technologies, hich are a key technology in Web/Application servers.  In the recently
completed verification tests, the Group adopted an "Employee Data Search/Update" a
pplication based on an actual model.  Using CORBA 2.3, INS (Interoperable Naming 
Service), RMI over IIOP and other fundamental technologies, it interconnected 
various EJB products in what amounted to a fusion of all interconnectivity 
technologies amassed by DOPG to date.  The results verified interoperability with 
Session Bean.

       The companies participating in the tests were
          NEC Corporation
          IBM Japan, Ltd.
          Nihon Unisys, Ltd.
          Hitachi, Ltd.
          Fujitsu Ltd.
       And EJB products are
          WebOTX(NEC Corp.)
          BEA WebLogic Server(BEA Systems,Inc.)
          WebSphere Application Server(International Business Machines Corp.)
          INTERSTAGE Application Server(Fujitsu Ltd.)

       DOPG views the success of the verification tests as a solid first step 
confirming the feasibility of interoperation among systems using EJB products in 
multi-vendor environments.

- Security interconnectivity verification -
       The Security Working Group, chaired by Hitachi, Ltd., conducted first-stage 
security interconnectivity verification tests during October and November this 
year.  The favorable results marked a world first in verification of security 
interconnectivity between products of different companies.
       The Group's aim was both to respond to mounting customer concern regarding 
security and to ensure interconnectivity among the products of different vendors 
the backdrop of the expanding scale of systems utilizing distributed object 

       Security technologies are capable of preventing unauthorized access by 
imposters, message tapping and message alteration.  To realize these capabilities, 
the Group adopted a mutual server-client authentication system employing a public 
key cryptosystem and utilized a proven cryptography technology for message protection.
       The tests verified every aspect of interoperability - from interconnectivity 
among the cryptographic systems incorporated in the different companies' products 
to the format and method of distribution of certificates issued by the authentication 

       The companies participating in the tests were
          NEC Corporation:WebOTX
          Oracle Corporation Japan:Oracle8i
          Hitachi, Ltd.:TPBroker
          Fujitsu Ltd.: INTERSTAGE Application Server

       The technical advances and know-how regarding interconnectivity produced by 
the verification tests provide the foundation needed to build safe commercial systems 
in multi-vendor environments.  The Group is moving to attract a larger number of 
verification test members and plans to expand the scope of verification in step with 
new developments in security technology and application.

- Interoperable naming service verification -
       A series of interoperable naming service (INS) interconnectivity verification 
tests ran during November by the Interoperability Working Group, chaired by NEC 
Corporation, substantiated interconnectivity between multiple vendor products for the 
first time worldwide.

       Over the past three years, the Group has focused on verification of IIOP 
level interoperability as the quintessence of interoperability.  In particular, it 
considered interoperability of INS (an extended version of the conventional naming 
system) to be critical to interoperation of the broad spectrum of systems with CORBA, 
typically Java and EJB products.  The verification of INS interoperability through 
the interconnectivity tests is therefore especially noteworthy.

          The companies participating in the tests were
          NEC Corporation:WebOTX
          Hitachi, Ltd.:TPBroker
          Fujitsu Ltd.: INTERSTAGE Application Server

       The success of the verification tests is a significant first step toward 
confirming interoperability among diverse systems in multi-vendor environments.  
The Group is actively recruiting new verification test participants and, as the next 
step, intends to expand and upgrade test content with a focus on, among others, the 
extended Internet functions of CORBA/IIOP.

       The individual groups are to report the results of their work in detail at 
Oracle Open World 2000 to be held at Tokyo Dome on December 14 (seminar times: 3 to 4 PM 
and 4:30 to 5:30 PM).  They are also to be introduced at the Object Management Group 
Technical Committee meeting being held in Orlando, Florida this week.

• CORBA is the name of a distributed processing environment architecture proposed 
 Object Management Group
• Java, and all trademarks and logos related to Java, are trademarks or registered 
 trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc., in the U.S. and other countries.

• Official home page of the Distributed Object Promotion Group

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