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Hitachi Releases Industry's Fastest 16-Mbit Low-Power SRAMs
—25 ns access time achieved for mobile phones, portable information terminals, and industrial applications—
16-Mbit Low-Power SRAMs
Left : HM62V16102I Right : HM62V16100I

Tokyo, February 15, 2002—Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501) today announced the HM62V16102I and HM62A16102I Series of 16-Mbit low-power SRAMs, offering the industry's fastest access time of 25 ns, for use in mobile phones, portable information terminals, and industrial applications. Also being announced are the HM62V16100I and HM62V8200I Series with a 45 ns access time. Sample shipments of all these products will begin on February 28, 2002 in Japan.

These series offer low-voltage operation and compact size in addition to high-speed operation, making them ideal for use in portable products.


Low-power SRAMs are used for work memory, phone number list and image data storage, and backup memory in mobile phones and portable information terminals, and Hitachi currently has small, low-voltage, low-current-dissipation 4-Mbit and 8-Mbit models suitable for low-voltage systems in mass production. However, recent rapid advances in mobile phone functionality and performance, together with the need to handle photographic and other image data, will bring a demand for even larger capacity and higher speed. To meet this demand, Hitachi has developed low-power SRAMs offering 16-Mbit capacity together with a 25 ns access time.

[About these Products]

The HM62V16102I and HM62A16102I Series achieve high speed, compact size, and low power consumption through the use of the latest 0.13 m process.
(1) Industry's Highest Speed
  The 2.2 V to 3.6 V HM62V16102I and 1.65 V to 2.2 V HM62A16102I Series employ a fine process plus special circuit design techniques that enable the industry's fastest access time of 25 ns to be achieved at a low voltage. Speed has been improved by a factor of approximately 2 over previous 55 ns products, providing the capability to handle high-speed processing of photographic and other image data as well as moving-image transmission required by IMT-2000.
Standard specification support is provided for a read-time page mode as a new operating mode. A page size of 8 words and fast access time of 15 ns are offered, for support of faster systems.
(2) Small Size
  Despite their 16-Mbit capacity, the above two series plus the 2.7 V to 3.6 V HM62V16100I and HM62V8200I Series with a 45 ns access time employ a small 48-pin CSP with a package size of only 8.0 mm 9.5 mm, enabling compact portable products to be developed. The pin arrangement maintains upward-compatibility with 4-Mbit and 8-Mbit models.
(3) Low Current Dissipation
  All four series feature a low operating current of 15 mA (max.) at 70 ns and low data retention current of 0.5 A (typ.)/5.0 A (max.), enabling a portable information device or similar product to offer low current dissipation during operation and a long data retention period in battery backup mode.

In addition, the HM62V16102I and HM62A16102I Series include a 35 ns access time model, and the HM62V16100I Series includes a TSOP package (0.5 mm pitch 48-pin TSOP Type I) version for industrial applications.

The word configuration is 2M words 8 bits in the HM62V8200I Series and 1M words 16 bits in the other three series.

Future plans include enhancement of the product lineup with extension of the present technology to 4-Mbit and 8-Mbit capacities.

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Mobile phones
Portable information terminals
Handheld terminals
Multifunctional printers
Industrial equipment, etc.

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