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Development of Laser Beam Recorder for Next-generation Optical Disc
Laser Beam Recorder for Next-generation Optical Disc Next-generation DVD   TP=0.32m

Tokyo, April 12, 2002- Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501) today announced that has developed a laser beam recorder (LBR) for next-generation optical disc using a DUV (Deep Ultra-violet) laser and will market it starting April 1. The LBR is expected to become a core device in the disc mastering process for phase change disc and high-density disc that is used for 12cm disc (the same size as standard CDs and DVDs) and is blue laser compatible.

Optical disc such as DVDs are recordable media for use with PCs and information appliances. As evidenced by the establishment of specifications for Blu-ray Disc that is for next-generation large-scale optical disc for video recorders, storage capacity and accuracy have increased. As a result, in the future, content creation for video, etc., will be conducted on next-generation optical disc rather than videotape or DVD video, and the LBR needs of these next-generation optical disc are expected to increase.

This LBR is used during the mastering1 process in the manufacture of optical disc. Resist2 is applied to the glass master disc, and during the mastering process, the resist undergoes an exposure process where it is irradiated by a DUV laser to create the "pit and wobble" structure. Thanks to its use of a DUV laser (short wavelength 257nm), high accurate auto-focus mechanism with a non-achromatic objective lens, optical axis correction mechanism, and loading of a friction-driven slider that offers high stability against disturbance, the LBR is compatible with the storage capacity and precision requirements of next-generation optical disc.

In addition, the device developed by Hitachi can be used with current DVDs and will be released with default settings set for compatibility with current devices. It will be possible to change the settings for compatibility with next-generation devices.

Hitachi will use this device to make demonstrated disc and continue to tune the LBR after new formats for next-generation optical disc are released.

1 Mastering: Refers to the creation of the mold known as a stamper by applying resist to the glass master disc, exposing it and coating it.
2 Resist: High-polymer material that reacts to light.

Description Specification Remarks
Recording laser Ar ion SHG laser Water cooled
Wavelength for recording laser 257 nm
Disc diameter Dia. 200 mm X Thickness 6 mm
Control mode CAL, CLV

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