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Hitachi Appoints Atsuyoshi Koike President & CEO of Its 300mm Wafer
Fabrication Company, Trecenti Technologies
Hitachi, Ltd. (Hitachi)(TSE:6501/NYSE:HIT) today announced the appointment of Atsuyoshi Koike as the new president & CEO of Trecenti Technologies, Inc. (Trecenti) a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi as of June 24, 2002.

Trecenti was established as a dedicated wafer fabrication company in March 2000. It started manufacturing operations in March 2001, and was the world's first company with 300-mm wafer plant in volume production. The company has realized quick turn around times by using single wafer processing* and world leading cost-performance with leading-edge technologies down to 0.13-micron. Trecenti aggressively operates a foundry business in response to customer's demands as well as manufacturing system LSIs, SRAMs and flash memories for Hitachi.

Mr. Koike has been involved for start-up of the world's first 300mm fab and volume production as general manager of Manufacturing Technology Division since its inception. As of the president, Mr. Koike will continue to advance Trecenti's business.

Toshio Nohara, the former president, stepped down as of 24 June and becomes Group Executive of Hitachi's Semiconductor & Integrated Circuits Group.

[Note]* A single wafer is processed in a process chamber at a time. It enables shorter cycle time and flexibility to production changes.

[Biography of Mr. Koike]
Name: Atsuyoshi Koike
Date of Birth: August 26,1952
March 1978 M.S., Materials Science and Engineering, Waseda University
Professional History:
April 1978 Joined Hitachi, Ltd.
August 1994 Deputy Department Manager, Process Engineering Development Dept., Technology Development Operation, Semiconductor & Integrated Circuits Group.
February 1996 Department Manager, Front-End Manufacturing Technology Dept., Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology Center, Semiconductor & Integrated Circuits Group.
September 1998 General Manager, Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology Division, Total Production Div., Semiconductor & Integrated Circuits Group.
October 1999 General Manager, Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology Operation, Total Production Div., Semiconductor & Integrated Circuits Group.
March 2000 Board Director, General Manager of Manufacturing Technology Division, Trecenti Technologies, Inc.

About Trecenti Technologies, Inc.
Name : Trecenti Technologies, Inc.
Establishment : March 15, 2000
Capital : 30 billion yen (100% owned by Hitachi,Ltd.)
Business : Manufacturing, sales and services of semiconductor products using 300 mm wafer, and its related business
Number of employees : about 420(as of 31 March, 2002)
Headquarters : 751 Horiguchi, Hitachinaka-City, Ibaraki 312-0034, Japan
Capacity : 7,000 wafers per month
Products : System LSIs, System memories


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