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September 12, 2018

FNM and Hitachi Rail Italy sign Framework Agreement for new High Capacity trains

Agreement, valid for 8 years, for the supply of min 50 to max 120 double deck trains. First firm order signed for 30 four-car trains, to be delivered from 2020

Milan, 12 September 2018 - FNM S.p.A. and Hitachi Rail Italy S.p.A. today signed a Framework Agreement for the supply of High Capacity regional trains.

Hitachi Rail Italy was awarded the tender, originally issued in 2017 by FNM, according to the new train procurement plan, approved by Lombardy Regional Council (Act nos. X/6932 dated 24th July 2017 and the regional law nos. 22 dated 10th August 2017 "Settling of 2017-2019 balance sheet").

TERMS OF FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT - The 8-year valid Framework Agreement provides for the supply of double deck High Capacity trains, destined for high frequency rail lines.

The minimum guaranteed supply quantity is 50 trains: 30 trains in short configuration (4 cars) and 20 trains in long configuration (5 cars); the maximum quantity is 120 trains. The price per train amounts to euro 7,917,000 in short configuration and euro 9,317,000 in long configuration.

The Framework Agreement also includes potential to assign train maintenance services to Hitachi Rail Italy for a period of three years.

FIRST FIRM CONTRACT - In addition to the Framework Agreement, FERROVIENORD, a company 100% controlled by FNM, signed a first firm contract with Hitachi Rail Italy for the supply of 30 trains in short configuration for a total euro 237,510,000. The delivery of the first trains will commence 20 months after the contract signing.

MAIN FEATURES - The agreement provides for double-deck, bi-directional, fixed formation, 3kV electric trains with distributed power, whose main features are as follows:

  Short configuration Long configuration
Length (m) 109.6 136.8
Cars 4 5
Seating passengers 466 598
Standing passengers 449 575
Doors per side 8 10
Max speed (km/h) 160
Toilettes 2

TECHNOLOGIES AND SAFETY - Technology and safety features include: LED lighting, Wi-Fi, 220V and USB sockets, passenger information system, energy meters, passenger counter, side and front cameras, remote control diagnostics, smart surveillance with "Anomalous Behavior Detection" technology. The trains will be equipped with the most advanced state-of-the-art safety system ERTMS/ETCS which, thanks to the highest safety standards, enable traffic capacity to be enhanced on the rail network.

ACCESSIBILITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS - For passengers with reduced mobility, train boarding is assured by mobile door steps to compensate for any gaps between the train and platform. The train is also environmentally-friendly, guaranteeing 30% less energy consumption, lower noise, electricity recovery during braking, use of innovative materials allowing weight reduction and high levels of reusability (96%) and biodegradability (95%). The train is further equipped with bicycle areas and electric sockets for recharging e-bikes.

FLEET RENEWAL - "The fleet renewal that we are carrying out according to the guidelines of Lombardy Region - says FNM Chairman Andrea Gibelli - will enable us to offer a better service to hundreds of thousands passengers travelling every day by train in Lombardy. We know that a good quality service enhances demand; our aim is also to increase the number of people using the train as their means of transport".

"This contract is a great opportunity for us to contribute, with another of our products, to improve mobility in Lombardy - says Maurizio Manfellotto, CEO of Hitachi Rail Italy. The innovation of our new regional trains will provide passengers with the highest levels of reliability and comfort, as well as a reduced impact on the environment of only 5 grams CO2eq, the lowest environmental impact of any means of mass transport in Italy today."

FNM is the first integrated Group for transport and mobility in Lombardy. It is the most important non-Italian investor in the sector. FNM S.p.A. is a joint stock company quoted since 1926. Lombardy Region is the majority shareholder with 57,57% of shares.
FERROVIENORD, 100% controlled by FNM, operates in Lombardy 331 km of rail lines and 124 stations located on five lines of the provinces of Milan, Brescia, Como, Monza-Brianza and Novara. In addition to train operation, FERROVIENORD performs ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the rail network, as well as adjustment and implementation of new facilities and upgrading activities.

Hitachi Rail Italy is the most important railway vehicle manufacturer in Italy. In November 2015 it was incorporated by Hitachi Rail Europe.
Among the leading products of Hitachi Rail Italy are the ETR1000 high speed train, currently in operation in Italy, the innovative driverless metros for Milan, Rome, Taipei, Riyadh, Copenhagen, Honolulu, Thessaloniki and Lima, and the traditional metros with driver, like those for Milan, Fortaleza, Miami and, very soon, also Baltimore. The Italian factories of the company are presently manufacturing the new regional double deck "Rock" trains (Caravaggio platform) for Trenitalia. A further element of the Hitachi Rail Italy profile is represented by Service activities such as maintenance, spare parts and upgrading. Hitachi Rail Italy has 2,000 employees working in the plants of Naples, Pistoia, Reggio Calabria, Pittsburgh and Miami.

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