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April 15, 2021

Local Production of Hitachi Automatic Analyzer 3500
to Commence in China

Strengthening the delivery of solutions through an integrated manufacturing, marketing, and servicing system in China, where market demand is growing

Tokyo, April 15, 2021 - Hitachi High-Tech Corporation (President and CEO: Takashi Iizumi / Hitachi High-Tech) today announced that it will commence local production in China for assembled products of the Hitachi Automatic Analyzer 3500 for the Chinese market. Hitachi High-tech has been producing the small 3110 model clinical analyzers locally since 2018, but by adding the new 3500 model to our lineup, we will be able to meet growing demand in the larger market for medium-sized automatic clinical analyzer.

[image][Ceremony to commemorate the first locally produced device held at an exhibition in Chongqing, China, at the end of March 2021]
[Ceremony to commemorate the first locally produced device held at an exhibition in Chongqing, China,
at the end of March 2021]

In recent years, as the Chinese economy has developed, there have been rising concerns over population aging, public health management, and reforms to medical systems such as health insurance. Amid these issues, the market for medical devices and equipment in China is expected to continue growing.
The Hitachi High-Tech Group has been working to strengthen its manufacturing, marketing, and servicing system in China for its Bio & Medical Systems Business, aiming to expand into the Chinese in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) market, which continues to grow steadily. In 2013, Hitachi High-Tech increased the production capacity of Hitachi Instrument (Suzhou), Ltd. (General Manager: Nobuyuki Iwaki / HIS), by completing the construction of a new building that produces units and consumables for medical analyzers and other items. In 2016, Hitachi High-Tech Diagnostics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (General Manager: Zhang Tao) was established as a joint venture to undertake marketing and servicing operations for IVD analyzers and reagents in China. Working closely with Chinese reagent companies, this joint venture has expanded the delivery of total, one-stop solutions throughout China. In 2018, we commenced local production of the small 3110 model to increase our competitiveness and provide Chinese customers with products that meet the needs of the market.

In the Hitachi High-Tech Group's Bio & Medical Systems Business, production of assembled products for the 3500 model, a medium-sized clinical analyzer for the Chinese market, will commence at HIS, with the aim of further enhancing competitiveness in the Chinese market, where demand is growing. The 3500 is an automated analyzer capable of running three types of testing simultaneously: clinical chemistry, immunoassay, and blood coagulation. Local production will enable Hitachi High-Tech to manufacture high-quality and cost-competitive products that speedily address the needs of the Chinese market, reagent companies and customers.

The Hitachi High-Tech Group will strive to expand development and production in China and further enhance its ability to deliver IVD solutions to the Chinese market, thereby contributing to healthy, safe, and secure lives while working to create social and environmental value. Going forward, we will quickly grasp our customers' cutting-edge needs and continue to create high-added-value Focused Solutions in the fields of Bio/Medical and Safety/Security by utilizing "analysis technology".


Hitachi High-Tech Diagnostics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Marketing Department., Life & Medical Systems Business Div. (Contact: Ekawa)
21F Hang Seng Bank Tower, 1000 Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong New Area, 200120, Shanghai, P.R.C.
Phone : +86-21-6163-1200

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