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June 1, 2021

Hitachi Astemo EV motor and inverter
adopted in Mazda's first mass-produced electric vehicle

Tokyo, June 1, 2021 --- Hitachi Astemo Co., Ltd. (President & CEO: Brice) today announced that its EV motors and inverters were adopted by Mazda Motor Corporation (President and CEO: Akira Marumoto) for their first mass-produced electric vehicle, the "MAZDA MX-30 EV MODEL" which was launched in Japan in January 2021.

The motor adopted in the "MAZDA MX-30 EV MODEL" has high output and high efficiency performance enabled by our unique technology. The compact, high output inverter is made possible by our unique double-sided direct water-cooling power module.

Hitachi Astemo is committed to creating social, environmental and economic value by providing advanced mobility solutions that contribute to improving safety and comfort, and environmental conservation to create a more sustainable society. By doing so, we contribute to improving Quality of Life and create value for our OEM customers.

[image](left)MAZDA MX-30 EV, (right)Motor and inverter adopted in the MAZDA MX-30 EV

Permission to use this image provided by Mazda Motor Corporation. Please refrain from using this image in print or distribution.

About Hitachi Astemo, Ltd.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Hitachi Astemo is a joint venture between Hitachi, Ltd. and Honda Motor Co. Hitachi Astemo is a technology company that develops, manufactures, sells and services automotive and transportation components, as well as industrial machinery and systems. For more information, visit the company's website at

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