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October 21, 2021

ILSA awards Hitachi Rail a EUR 737 million
contract for the maintenance of its new train fleet

  • The two companies sign a 30-year agreement for the maintenance of Ilsa's 20 ETR 1000s.
  • The maintenance will be carried out in Madrid maintenance facility, and will create around over 75 jobs.

OCTOBER 21, 2021.− ILSA, Spain's leading private high-speed rail operator, has awarded Hitachi Rail España with the maintenance of its fleet, comprising 20 new ETR 1000 trains, through a EUR 737 million contract that will cover a 30-year period, until 2052. This maintenance contract guarantees ILSA's alliance with Hitachi Rail globally, and gives continuity to the agreement for the construction of its trains, dating back to August 2020, and to Hitachi's presence in Spain.

ILSA's new fleet, born in Italy and the fastest, most sustainable and quietest in Europe, will be fully serviced in Madrid by a new team of over 75 employees. The maintenance of the trains will include predictive and corrective activities to ensure the highest levels of reliability, safety and comfort for passengers.

ILSA will begin its operations in the second half of 2022, and will connect Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Seville, Malaga and Cordoba with a fleet whose operating efficiency is unmatched thanks to its state-of-the-art aerodynamics, its use of energy-saving technologies and its high performance. It is also made up of 85% recyclable materials and 95% renewable materials. These eco-design principles contribute to ILSA's commitment to have the most sustainable fleet, and to Hitachi Rail's decarbonization strategy to reduce its carbon emissions for customers.

Carlos Bertomeu, President of ILSA, expressed his satisfaction for the signing of this contract. "The agreement is a new step forward in the development of the first private high-speed operator in Spain, and proves the company's commitment with the highest standards both in terms of operations and passenger comfort", said Bertomeu. For the president of the Spanish-Italian company, "this contract further proves ILSA's commitment to connectivity, industrial development and job creation in Spain".

Simone Gorini, CEO of ILSA, said that: "This maintenance agreement with Hitachi Rail is a vivid example of the long-lasting and valuable relationships that we want to establish with all our stakeholders to create wealth in Spain. The respect for the environment and the principles of sustainability are shared values between both companies and, without a doubt, have been a decisive factor in becoming strategic partners both for the manufacture and the maintenance of our fleet, with which the Spanish high-speed rail network will take a step forward in terms of innovation, sustainability and multimodality from the second half of 2022 onwards, once we start our operations. It is an honour for me, as ILSA's new CEO, to take over the excellent relationship with Hitachi Rail initiated by my predecessor, Fabrizio Favara".

"We are proud to deliver to the Spanish market not only the vehicles for the new high-speed lines, but also our maintenance services. This allows us to contribute alongside our customers to the development of mobility in the countries in which we operate − both by contributing to the growth of high-speed rail travelling and by making journeys more environmentally friendly. This contract is a significant milestone for Hitachi Rail's Operation Service & Maintenance division, which boasts extensive experience in full service activities in Italy, ranging from high-speed to regional trains" said Edoardo La Ficara, Executive Officer, Operation Service & Maintenance Division, Hitachi Rail.

"This contract confirms the presence and the commitment of Hitachi Rail in the Spanish railway market − said Roberto Vitali, CEO Hitachi Rail España − Spain is an important country for our Operation Service & Maintenance business: in addition to this Full Service contract for the ETR 1000 fleet, we have contract for the maintenance of 53 metros in service on the Madrid metro network and for the maintenance of the high-speed line infrastructure from Madrid to Lerida "

The ILSA fleet, whose first train is already in Spain conducting homologation tests while the second and third units are on their way to Madrid and scheduled to arrive before the end of 2021, is being manufactured by Hitachi Rail and Alstom Group (formerly Bombardier Transportation) in Hitachi Rail's factory in Pistoia (Italy). Each train has a length of 200 metres, a capacity for 460 passengers and is capable of reaching commercial speeds of up to 360 km/h. They also have a high level of on-board comfort, with more spacious seats, 5G Wi-Fi and a bar area. The ETR 1000s have been operating in Italy since 2015, and have set a new standard for performance, operational efficiency and passenger comfort.

All these overhaul, operation, service and maintenance tasks, as well as its railway rolling stock, signalling, digital technology and turnkey solutions are carried out by Hitachi Rail at its 11 manufacturing sites in 38 different countries in 6 continents.

About Hitachi Rail

Hitachi Rail is a fully integrated, global provider of rail solutions across rolling stock, signalling, service & maintenance, digital technology and turnkey solutions. With a presence in 38 countries across six continents and over 12,000 employees, our mission is to contribute to society through the continuous development of superior rail transport solutions. We are proud of our global achievements, from our world -famous 'bullet trains', to our signalling solutions and turnkey projects, state--of-the-art traffic management and digital solutions. Drawing on the wider Hitachi Group's market-leading technology and research-and-development capabilities, we strive for industry leading innovations and solutions that can deliver value for customers and sustainable railway systems that benefit wider society. For information about Hitachi Rail, visit

About ILSA

ILSA is the first Spanish private high-speed rail operator by number of frequencies and fleet volume. It is owned by Trenitalia and the partners of Air Nostrum. The company will commence operations in 2022 with the only fleet of new trains on the market: 20 state-of-the-art vehicles in the first phase, manufactured by Hitachi Rail in collaboration with Bombardier (now Alstom group), in which it has invested 1 billion euros. ILSA will operate 30% of the high-speed frequencies in Spain, and initially aims to transport 8 million passengers between Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Malaga, Córdoba, Valencia, Alicante and Zaragoza. The company, which plans to create around 2,000 direct and indirect jobs, won package B − ranked second with the highest number of frequencies after the one awarded to Renfe − in the tender launched by ADIF in November 2019 for the liberalisation of rail transport in Spain. The company is spearheaded by Carlos Bartomeu, President, Simone Gorini, CEO, and Víctor Bañares, General Manager. For further information, visit

Notes to Editors

Hitachi Rail's decarbonisation strategy is to drive a modal shift to lower carbon forms of transportation through mobility as a service; accelerate the decarbonisation of rail with electrification and batteries and to decarbonise its own activities in accordance with Science-Based Targets. These include Scope 1 emissions − avoiding waste; Scope 2 emissions − using renewable energy; and Scope 3 emissions − decarbonising the products it purchases from its suppliers and decarbonising the products that it makes for customers. As part of the Hitachi group, Hitachi Rail is committed to 100% net zero in its own operations by 2030 and across its entire value chain by 2050.

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