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Message from the Company President

[Photo]Yoshito Tsunoda Senior Vice President and Executive Officer President and CEO, Battery Systems Company

The Battery Systems Company provides products, systems and services that meet the needs of customers and society in industrial, consumer and social infrastructure markets. To better meet evolving needs, we are currently expanding our battery devices business to include power-supply solutions, with the goal of creating new businesses within the Hitachi Group.

In the consumer battery market, we offer larger-capacity batteries for mobile devices that allow extended use of smart phones and other electronic products. In the automotive battery segment, we supply lithium-ion batteries with a proven track record for a wide range of vehicle models as well as batteries for plug-in hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles. For industrial applications, we continue to build on the reputation of our railway battery systems and are meeting emerging social needs related to electric motorcycles, smart grids and battery systems that integrate solar cells.

Armed with forward-looking, superior technologies and a dedicated workforce, the Battery Systems Company is committed to rapid growth in the global marketplace and consistent profitability in these increasingly competitive fields.

Yoshito Tsunoda
Senior Vice President and Executive Officer
President and CEO, Battery Systems Company

Business Overview

[Image]Battery Systems Company

The Battery Systems Company markets lithium-ion and other consumer batteries for mobile devices, as well as lithium-ion batteries for vehicle use. The company plans to expand its reach in the global market to include the sale of battery systems that maintain optimal operating charge/discharge conditions for use with power tools, electric motorcycles, railways, and smart grids. The company is also expanding its reach in the its industrial power solution business, which encompasses maintenance and services.
Hitachi Maxell is also engaged in activities related to information storage media, functional parts and materials and optical components.