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Social Infrastructure: Transportation: Urban Development from an Environmental Perspective

A wide range of social infrastructure is required to create a society in which everyone can enjoy a safe, secure, and comfortable way of life. What are also required when building or refurbishing social infrastructure are reductions in CO2 emissions and the creation of a low-carbon society. Viewing these as key considerations for its railway, urban development, and other infrastructural systems, Hitachi takes an environmentally conscious approach to its urban development work.

System integrator for railways

As the only company in Japan with the capabilities to handle all aspects of railway systems integration, Hitachi has demonstrated a reliable track record in the field of railway systems that extend from rolling stock to traffic management, signals systems, electrical conversion systems, and information services. These also include products that are highly regarded for their consciousness of the environment, such as aluminum car bodies that are easy to recycle or hybrid drive systems for trains*. This success has also been recognized outside Japan, with Hitachi having been selected to manufacture the rolling stock and supply maintenance services for the Intercity Express Programme in the UK.

* Jointly developed with East Japan Railway Company

Smart city business

Smart grids and green IT are among the key technologies for urban development systems, and Hitachi's smart city business develops cities that reduce the load on the environment in areas such as electric power, water, transportation, disaster prevention, logistics, plants, and recycling. Elsewhere, its global operations include the construction of highly efficient LNG plants that place a light load on the environment, and also a water business with circulation systems that meet the challenges posed by water resource issues.

Escalator and elevator business

Hitachi is also a supplier of total services with high added value, incorporating solutions in areas such as energy efficiency, security, and facilities, as well as the supply of escalators and elevators that allow people to travel in comfort in urban spaces throughout many parts of the world.