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The crystal of the latest technologies from Hitachi of “Open-MRI”, the new generation high field Open MRI has come into the world.

Features of OASIS

  • Adoption of superconductive magnet realizes high static field intensity with open design.
  • Open-designed gantry provides a feeling of security and friendliness.
  • Incorporates the image diagnosis applications that were developed through Hitachi's superconductive MRI systems.
  • Compatible with high performance imaging applications such as spectroscopy.
  • Exclusively developed high-sensitivity solenoid receiver coils provide high image quality.
  • The offset-pillar and floating table shorten the setting time.



FreeStyle -Free Style Magnet Imaging-

Open Design

The offset pillar which is the feature of gantry design allows effective use of the open space by arranging the position of the pillars asymmetrically from left to right. .

For Claustrophobic Examinees

Using a large joint coil also in head imaging allows imaging with the examinee in relaxed recumbent posture.

For Examinees with Limited Posture

Even in case of the bent examinee, who have difficulty lying down flat, using a loose flexible body coil allows imaging with the examinee in free posture.

For Examinees with Large Build

The open gantry with a wide gap and a wide table facilitates imaging of examinees with large build, who were difficult to image with conventional MRI.

Coil-less Imaging

T/R body coil incorporated in the gantry allows imaging without wearing the receiver coil. It enables imaging with extremely high degree of freedom and many clinical applications such as kinematic studies.

Solenoid Receiver Coil Technology

OASIS ∼ Fusion of a Superconductive magnet and Open design ∼          
                                   ··· and high-sensitivity coils


The solenoid receiver coil of the vertical magnetic field system allows high sensitivity imaging of the important center area.

The receiver coil for vertical magnetic field which Hitachi has developed originally, makes it its feature that the sensitivity is high at the center area which is important within a clinical image.
Also, the sensitivity uniformity is good enough and the diameter can be made smaller for fitting better to the examinee with expectation for further sensitivity improvement.




High Sensitivity

The receiver coil of the vertical magnetic field system features its high sensitivity as compared with the horizontal magnetic field system. Particularly, high sensitivity at the center area which is important in clinical images allows providing images with a high SN ratio.

High Uniformity

The solenoid receiver coil has high uniformity and the halation in the neighborhood of the coil which is frequent with the multi-array receiver coil of the horizontal magnetic field system is diminished. Especially signals of fat tissues on the body surface are hard to be strong, so it is significant for fat suppression.

Rapid Imaging

Hitachi's parallel imaging technology “RAPID” is incorporated. Since the RAPID coil based on the solenoid receiver coil has high sensitivity and a high degree of freedom in the imaging direction, imaging time is shortened effectively.

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