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[Attaining the next level in operability]
LISENDO 880 is equipped with a sophisticated automatic cardiac function measurement package. The resultant ease-of-use and exam consistency significantly improve throughput, streamlining workflow. Rapid, accurate examinations in a comfortable environment are realized for both operators and patients.

Smart Cardiac Measurement

Using learning data structured by Hitachi's big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, high precision in automated diagnosis can be attained. LISENDO 880 includes several automated measurements of complex cardiac functions, to which measurement accuracy has been improved with the addition of a vast knowledge-based data bank. Automation of measurements has been realized for all views from the apex, leading to significant workflow improvements.

Fractional Area Change(FAC)

RA Volume

LV Volume(EF)

LA Volume

Automated ED-ES Detection

When this function is selected, ED and ES frames are automatically detected and displayed instantly. The combination of automated ED-ES detection and automatic measurement packages offers seamless workflow.

image   image

Intuitive Operating Console

The freeze button is located close to the trackball thereby bringing basic console operations together. Additionally, the core 5-switch arrangement around the trackball streamlines the workflow for intuitive performance of more advanced functions such as Cardiac 3D and cardiac function analysis.

[Beat Mode]


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