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Solutions for airport facilities control and energy consumption control

Air transportation is becoming more widespread not only in Japan but also on a global scale. Since air transport is becoming increasingly important, the most essential theme is "aviation security."

Hitachi meets the diverse needs of customers by taking full advantage of its leading-edge technology, as well as the highly reliable technology that it has long cultivated.

The company develops various airport control systems and supports even safer and more efficient operation of airport facilities.

Maintenance system for aviation facilities

The system effectively uses accurate maintenance information and facilities and provides control information about the functions.

(We delivered blocks to kansai, Southern Kyushu, Northern Kyushu, and Okinawa.)

Lamp monitoring and control system

This system monitors and controls the CCR. Control personnel can operate the lamp console installed on the control tower, thereby controlling the brightness of aviation lamps. The system is duplexed for higher reliability and maintainability.

Stop bar system

This system assists aircraft in landing on a runway under low visibility by using aviation lamps.


startup image

To stop an aircraft about to land on the runway at a specified stop position by means of a startup instruction from the control personnel, the stop line lamp is turned on and the guide channel centerline lamp turned off.

Permission to enter

permission to enter image

By means of a permission to enter operation from the control personnel, the stop line lamp is turned off and the guide channel centerline lamp turned on.

Aircraft entry

aircraft entry image

Aircraft sensor 1 detects the entry of an aircraft and turns on the stop line lamp again.