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Industry control platform

Product Line That Shapes a Mission-Critical Plant Hitachi Integrated Manufacturing Management Solutions -ProductNEO Series-

Fully integrated support of plant operations ranging from production management/facility control to plant maintenance/management and activity assessment/analysis.
Introducing a line of Hitachi Integrated Manufacturing Management Solutions committed to building a mission-critical plant system.

Manufacturing Management system

Implements detailed manufacturing procedures including management and traceability using multimedia SOP facilities and control interworking, thereby enabling construction of a man-system integrated field environment.

Web-based production management system for process industries

An ultimate tool solution for Web-based production management that comes with advanced inventory management, quality control and a traceability DB to pursue maximum ease in using an operational infrastructure.

Warehouse management system

An easy-to-build powerful one-stop solution that will improve work productivity and inventory management accuracy, in warehouse of all sizes and complexity.