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Corporate InformationAbout Hitachi Group

As of March 31, 2016

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Information & Telecommunication Systems Group
   Omori Area
   Strategy Planning Division
   Control & Governance Division
   IT & Business Process Innovation Division
Sales Management & Accounting Division Group   
Financial Information Systems Sales Management Division
Government & Public Corporation Information Systems Sales Management Division
Global Business Planning & Operations Division
Enterprise Solutions Sales Management Division
General-Market Business Management Division
   Applications Services Division
Financial Information Systems Division
Marunouchi Area
Financial Information Systems Division
Shinkawasaki Area
Financial Channel Solutions and Payment Services Division
Government & Public Corporation Information Systems Division
Smart Information Systems Division
Enterprise Solutions Division
Cloud Services Division
Energy & Transportation Information Systems Division
IT Platform Service Innovation Management Division Yokohama Area
Odawara Area
Hadano Area
Shinkawasaki Area
Shinagawa Area
   Global MONOZUKURI Division
Omori Area
   Global MONOZUKURI Division
Hadano Area
   Telecommunications & Network Systems Division