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About CEATEC 2020 Online


COVID-19 has brought major changes to our social environment.
The Hitachi Group aims to realize a sustainable society under the New Normal by leveraging our Social Innovation Business to improve people's Quality of Life (QoL) and increase our customers' social, environmental and economic value.
At CEATEC’s Hitachi booth, we will showcase the specific initiatives of our Social Innovation Business.
We are looking forward to seeing you at CEATEC.

Developing a New Management Style: Creative Organization Building Through Happiness
-Happiness Planet: Visualizing Happiness-

In an era of rapid change, where challenges continue to diversify and become more complex, improving competitiveness is key. Achieving this goal necessitates increased organizational flexibility and individual creativity.
This in turn requires building organizations where people can feel happy.
To address this challenge, we have developed the Happiness Planet app, which measures non-verbal information, such as people's body movements, to visualize happiness levels.

【Reference Exhibits】
Coexistence of People and Machines Under the New Normal
-Smart Meetings Realized through Linkage of Schedulers and Equipment-

Today's society is undergoing major changes due to the threat of pandemics and natural disasters, as well as the progress of IoT and digitalization. Hitachi tracks the signs of social change and devises new services and solutions from them. In this video, we will introduce the example of a solution for safe and creative meetings, realized by linking schedulers with robots or various office facilities and equipment. (Content produced in cooperation with Jorte Inc.)

Improving Monitoring Work Efficiency through AI
-Safe and Secure Monitoring Work under COVID-19-

Recently, security risks - including COVID-19-related ones - are diversifying. The use of cameras for tasks such as surveillance or body temperature detection has become common,
and a surge in the number of cameras has increased the burden of operator monitoring work.
It has become clear that more advanced approaches are required for more efficient monitoring.
In this session, we will introduce a video analysis solution which can make monitoring work more efficient and sophisticated.
We will also share examples of how it can be applied to COVID-19 situations, including key insights we gained from customer use cases.

A Safer Smart Society with Trusted Supply Chain

Hitachi continues to work toward the Society 5.0 era with Lumada that accelerate digital innovation.
With the progress of digitalization, IT and OT are being integrated, and stable operation, quality and security are strictly required. For this, trust is becoming an issue of ever greater importance.
In this session, we will, together with a narrator, introduce the concept of trusted supply chain along with Hitachi's latest efforts, solutions, and future prospects.

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"AI-Plus" an AI-Powered Chatbot for HR

Chatbots are now being used in various offices to improve employee efficiency and to solve labor shortages.
But some challenges negatively affect the expected results,
for example difficulties in preparation and operation or too complicated pricing structures.
In this session, we will explain how Hitachi Solutions Create’s AI-powered chatbot can solve those challenges,
and demonstrate how to use it,
especially terms of operation.

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