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About CEATEC 2021 Online


Climate change, natural disasters, environmental pollution, pandemics.
A myriad of challenges has spread across today's world.
Hitachi is dedicated to taking on these environmental and social challenges to realize a sustainable society through the digital transformation (DX) of social infrastructure and global collaborative creation.
Our appointment as a Principal Partner of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) demonstrates our strong commitment to our role as an innovator in the area of climate change.
We will also continue to evolve our Social Innovation Business in the three areas of Environment, Resilience, and Security and Safety to realize even more value for our customers and enhance people's QoL.
This event will provide an insight into Hitachi’s initiatives in three business areas.

Lumada Concept video
~To create new value~

As your partner, Hitachi wants to create new value through Co-Creation and power of digital, and realize social innovation that leads to enhancement of people's QoL(Quality of Life) and improvement of corporate value.
And Lumada, a solution and service that accelerates digital innovation, will play an important role as a "place of connection" in Co-Creation with you.
In this video, we will introduce Lumada's concept as a "place of connection" and further evolution.

Hitachi Digital Solution for Retail
- Connecting the Thoughts of Producers and Consumers -

Retail is connecting the producer with the consumer's desire to want a product soon. With Hitachi's digital solutions, the value chain is connected and the logistics are optimized so that consumers can get the products they want when they want. In this exhibition, we will introduce the future of the value chain that Hitachi aims at with concrete examples.

Common Building Platform to Provide New Value for Office Buildings

The environment surrounding office buildings is changing drastically due to the influence of COVID-19 and workstyle changes. We will introduce Hitachi's building IoT solution "BuilMirai", which has been developed as a new solution for Lumada in the building field to support smart management of buildings, and the office worker solution "BuilPass", which provides new experience value for workers in the office.

IoT and Connected Security - Vehicle SOC (Security Operation Center)

While technologies like autonomous driving or advanced driving support have made our life more comfortable and convenient, the risk of cyber attacks is increasing due to connected systems becoming more widespread and using well-known protocols. In this exhibition, we will showcase security services of real-time security monitoring data from connected cars and related systems for earlier incident detection and prompt response.

Renewable Energy Solutions for a Decarbonized Society

Renewable energy is playing a major role in today's growing efforts to realize a decarbonized society, such as the SDGs adopted by the United Nations in 2015 and the Japan's 2050 Carbon Neutral Declaration. For many years, we have provided wind and solar power systems and contributed to the local production for local consumption of energy and regional revitalization through collaborative creation with customers. In this exhibition, we will introduce our renewable energy solutions, mainly focusing on wind power.

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