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Image: Factory/Office Appearance

Car parts from an environmentally conscious factory.

Factory/Office Outline

Namyang Metals is a global manufacturer of automobile engine and steering parts based in Korea. The company contributes to improving performance and efficiency of automobiles by making use of advanced new technology development. Namyang Metals develops metal products that are thin and flexible with excellent thermal resistance to provide as parts for the world's leading automobile makers.

Environmentally Conscious Activities
  1. Exchanged the electric arc furnace with an efficient high frequency induction furnace during new line establishment.
  2. Improved the manufacturing process by lowering the welding point temperature to conserve energy.
  3. A variety of energy conservation measures are taken, such as the installation of LED lighting and high efficiency pumps.
Other Activities

"Do-dream", the company's volunteer group, is actively involved in social contribution activities such as cleanup efforts in the local community and rivers.

Eco-Factories & Offices Select Certification Item

Image: Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency
Reduced energy per unit by 30% or more compared to FY 2005 (FY 2015)

Product Information

Image: Steering Knuckle

Steering Knuckle
The steering knuckle takes information transmitted from the steering wheel to precisely control the travelling direction of the automobile.

Image: Exhaust Manifold

Exhaust Manifold
The exhaust manifold discharges combustion gas from the engine cylinder. The part is made lightweight while thermal resistance is retained due to engine downsizing and increased fuel efficiency.

Image: Turbine Housing

Turbine Housing
The turbine housing is mounted to the turbo charger. The part generates power from exhaust gas spouting energy to rotate the turbine rotor, acting as an air pump.

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