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The Hitachi Tree is a member of a neotropical species of tree.

The Hitachi Tree, as it is familiarly referred to in Japan, is a monkeypod tree about 130 years old and grows in Moanalua Gardens on Oahu Island in Hawaii.
There are many varieties of monkeypod trees in this park, and the Hitachi Tree, with a height of nearly 25 meters, a maximum branch width of nearly 40 meters and a circumference of nearly 7 meters, is exceptionally grand and beautiful.

Profile of the Hitachi Tree

Profile of the Hitachi Tree
Location Moanalua Gardens, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.
Size Height: approx. 25m; Width: approx. 40m; Trunk girth: approx. 7m
Age About 130 years
Botanical Name Samanea saman
Common Name Monkeypod tree, rain tree, saman tree
Characteristics A leguminous plant native to Central and South America and widely distributed in subtropical areas. The leaf shape is similar to that of fern fronds, and the leaves open at sunrise and close in the afternoon. Flowers bloom twice a year, around May and November.

Size of "Hitachi Tree"
Size of the Hitachi Tree

Flower of Monkey Pod TreeSeeds of Monkey Pod Tree
Flower and seeds of the monkeypod tree