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Amidst concerns for increasing risk as business globalizes, the Hitachi Group considers it a requirement to be proactive in avoiding as much as possible the risk inherent in the supply chain. To this end we are taking steps to reinforce risk identification and management.

Hitachi Group Codes of Conduct
Hitachi Group Codes of Conduct

In January, 2017, Hitachi Group revised its “Hitachi Group CSR Procurement Guideline the 3rd Edition”
In this revision, the “Hitachi Group Code of Conduct” (, which was established in August, 2010, based on “Code of Conduct Version 5.1” by the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), has been incorporated into the Guideline. Distributed to our suppliers as a reference for CSR code of conduct and standards, this Guideline is expected to be fully implemented by all our suppliers.

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