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Our Global Procurement Activities

Since its founding in 1910, Hitachi, Ltd. has focused on developing and supplying high-quality products and technology that contribute to the overall prosperity of society.

Hitachi manufactures various kinds of products, including power systems and equipment, industrial machinery and parts, electronic devices, information and communication systems, and computers, in addition to a wide array of consumer products. Over the years, the company has become one of the world's largest electronic and electrical manufactures, serving customers all over the world.

The role of Hitachi's global operations has resultingly grown in importance. Hitachi considers its global operations not simply as exporting products, but as a means of sharing prosperity with people in other nations. To make this a reality, Hitachi promotes overseas manufacturing, encourages technical exchanges, and seeks to extend its global procurement. Furthermore, Hitachi actively plays the role of corporate citizen by contributing to social and cultural activities in local communities overseas.

Procurement policy

Partnership policy At Hitachi we fully realize the value of developing trusting relationships with our valued suppliers.
Our open-door policy Regardless of whether a supplier is a domestic or overseas company, we do our utmost to insure free competition.
Fair business relationship policy It is our policy to always maintain a fair business relationship with all of our suppliers.
Selection of suppliers policy We evaluate and select suppliers based upon criteria such as quality, price, lead time, quality of management, technical standards and abilities.
Our policy for sharing
information and maintaining
We attend to all suppliers' offers sincerely, and are willing to offer necessary information to suppliers. At the same time, we realize that suppliers' offers supply us with confidential or sensitive information. We always endeavor to maintain and keep such information strictly confidential.

GPD: The High Pace Required For Today's Markets

As the world grows ever faster toward a state of true globalization, the Global Procurement Department ("GPD") keeps expanding its business area at a speed faster than in any other period in the past. In order to promote strategic purchasing activity in the global competitive market, we utilize our overseas purchasing offices ("IPO") to make every effort to acquire any information or potential proposal. Come to GPD & IPO; a fruitful business relationship awaits you.

Global Procurement Dept.

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