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Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2021 JAPAN | Energy

Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2021 JAPAN 2021.10/11 MON. - 15 FRI. Registration is Now Open
Thank you for joining Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2021 JAPAN!
All sessions are available in the archives after HSIF 2021 JAPAN.
* Except for some sessions, you can watch until March 18th 2022.

As efforts to achieve carbon neutrality accelerate both in Japan and overseas, Hitachi, as a global leader in the energy field, has contributed to solving customers' energy issues by providing social, environmental, and economic values to realize a sustainable society.

In Energy Category of "Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2021 JAPAN", under the theme of "Energy Innovation to Achieve Decarbonization and Stable Energy Supply," a total of 22 programs will be exhibited, including a variety of initiatives in Japan utilizing digital technologies and the introduction of global top-level energy solutions from Hitachi Energy, which will be renamed from Hitachi ABB Power Grids in October 2021. We invite you to experience the latest information on decarbonization taking place in the world today, as well as examples of future business tips and solutions tailored to various challenges.

Keynote Session

Future Achieved By DX of Social Infrastructure
- Sustainable Society and Creative Consumer

KN01-01 10/11 MON. 9:00-9:25(JST)
Toshiaki Higashihara : Executive Chairman & CEO Hitachi, Ltd.

We are now facing a major shift toward “human-centeric in technology.” As the starting point of value shifts from a single company to the collaborative creation of companies and to each individual, this presentation will show how Hitachi will achieve the future in which the protection of global environment, establishment of resilient social infrastructure, and people’s lives in health and comfort are realized, with the evolution of Lumada.

Special Session

Backcasting from 2050
- Corporate Management and Innovation

SS01-01 10/11 MON. 9:40-10:10(JST)
Ken Kusunoki Professor Hitotsubashi Business School / Keiji Kojima President & COO Hitachi, Ltd.

What kind of future and society will we have in 2050? What must companies do now to get there? In this session, Keiji Kojima, President and COO of Hitachi, Ltd., and Ken Kusunoki, Professor at Hitotsubashi Business School who specializes in competitive strategy and innovation, will have a dialogue on the creation of innovation based on backcasting and the creation of a sustainable society while also considering global trends.

Highlight Session

Driving Collaboration and Innovation
to Enable a Carbon-Neutral Society
- Leveraging the Opportunities and Overcoming the Challenges of Decarbonization -

HS03-03 10/13 WED. 16:00-16:30(JST)
Claudio Facchin : Senior Vice President, Executive Officer, and CEO of Power Grids Business Unit, Hitachi, Ltd.CEO, Hitachi Energy
  • Steven Chu

    Former U.S. Secretary of Energy
    Nobel laureate in physics, the William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Physics and Professor of Molecular & Cellular Physiology in the Medical School at Stanford University

  • Lully Miura

    Yamaneko Research Institute, Inc.

In this session, Steven Chu, former U.S. Secretary of Energy during the Barack Obama administration and winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, and Lully Miura, President of Yamaneko Research Institute, Inc., and Claudio Facchin, CEO of Hitachi’s Power Grids Business Unit and CEO of Hitachi Energy, will discuss the energy transition from multiple perspectives and share the opportunities and challenges facing the U.S., Europe, Japan, and the world, while considering how the energy system can be designed to enable a carbon-neutral society.
*Hitachi ABB Power Grids will change its name to Hitachi Energy on October 13, 2021.

Business Session

The Challenge of Achieving Carbon Neutrality
- New Values in Energy
through Digital Innovation -

BS02-02 10/12 TUE. 11:20-12:00(JST)
Kenji Urase : CEO Energy Business Unit Hitachi, Ltd.
  • Ryuichi Yamashita

    Deputy Commissioner
    Ministry of Economy,
    Trade and Industry Agency for Natural Resources and Energy

  • Kahori Miyake

    Chief Sustainability Officer
    AEON CO., LTD.

  • Moderator
    Hiroko Kiba

    Freelance Newscaster and
    Visiting Professor at Chiba University

As efforts to decarbonize in response to climate change are accelerating around the world in the wake of the Paris Agreement and the SDGs, the environment surrounding the energy business is changing, and there is a need for innovation aimed at realizing a sustainable society.
In this session, we will consider the new value in energy created by collaborative creation for achieving carbon neutrality that transcends the framework of digital technology and industry based on current policy trends and solution examples.

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10/11 MON.

SE01-03 2021/10/11 10:50-11:10

EFaaS approach to De-carbonization

Hitachi, Ltd., Energy Business Administration Division, Engineering Business Promotion Department, Section Manager, Naoki Yoshida
SE01-13 2021/10/11 15:30-15:50

Energy Efficiency
-Accelerating the Sustainable Energy Future-

Hitachi Energy, Head of Portfolio and Strategic Marketing, Adrian Timbus
SE01-15 2021/10/11 16:50-17:10

Enabling DER integration in the electricity marketplace for a greener world.

Hitachi Energy, Grid Automation, Energy Portfolio Management, Sales Manager APAC, Yuki Shibata
ABB Enterprise Software Inc., Grid Automation, Market Management System, Director, Mohit Saigal

10/12 TUE.

SE02-04 2021/10/12 10:50-11:10

Advancing DX at Maintenance Sites Using Maintenance Support Solution "SiteRemix"

Hitachi Power Solutions Co., Ltd., Digital Solution Dept., Digital Engineering Div., Senior Engineer, Shigehito Yamaho
SE02-08 2021/10/12 14:00-14:20

Hitachi's Semiconductor Solutions for Environmental Issues

Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device, Ltd., Product Planning & Marketing Department, Business Management Division, Director, Daisuke Maeda
SE02-10 2021/10/12 14:30-14:50

Decarbonizing industry

Hitachi Energy, VP of Industry Solutions, Matthew Zafuto
Hitachi Energy, VP of Industrial Market Development, Arnaldo Bertazzi
SE02-17 2021/10/12 16:30-16:50

A Future Powered by Renewables
- Technologies for Sustainable Growth of Renewables -

Hitachi Energy, Head of Renewables, Alfredo Parres

10/13 WED.

SE03-11 2021/10/13 15:00-15:20

"EconiQ™" - High-voltage Switchgear for a Carbon-neutral Future -

Hitachi Energy, High Voltage Products Business Unit, Head of Portfolio Management, Christian Ohler
SE03-18 2021/10/13 17:10-17:30

Development of Flood Control Solution "DioVISTA" for Climate Change Measures

Hitachi Power Solutions Co., Ltd., Digital Solution Dept., Digital Engineering Div., Engineer, Takashi Kusuda

10/14 THU.

Expert session
ES04-10 2021/10/14 15:10-15:30

Pathways Towards a Sustainable Energy Future

Hitachi Energy, CTO, Gerhard Salge
SE04-13 2021/10/14 16:10-16:30

Inspection System that Efficiently Manages AI

Hitachi, Ltd., Energy Solution Division, Control System Platform Division, Yuka Saito
SE04-17 2021/10/14 17:10-17:30

Powering the Scale-up of eMobility "Grid-eMotion™"

Hitachi Energy, Grid Integration Business Unit, Head of Strategy and eMobility, André Burdet

10/15 FRI.

SE05-03 2021/10/15 10:50-11:10

Grid Stabilization Solutions and Analysis Service for Electric Power Systems

Hitachi, Ltd., Control System Platform Division, Energy Solution Division, Senior Engineer, Takashi Aihara
Hitachi, Ltd., Control System Platform Division, Energy Solution Division, Senior Engineer, Yasuyuki Tada
Hitachi, Ltd., Control System Platform Division, Energy Solution Division, Senior Engineer, Hiroshi Tanso
Hitachi, Ltd., Control System Platform Division, Energy Solution Division, Senior Engineer, Yasuo Sato
SE05-07 2021/10/15 14:10-14:30

Managing Energy Infrastructure
- The Role of Digitalization -

Hitachi Energy, Head of Digitalization, David Goddard
Hitachi Vantara LCC, Energy Practice Leader, Phil Gruber
Expert session
ES05-13 2021/10/15 15:10-15:30

Energy Systems Transformation for Carbon Neutrality
and Hitachi's Vision of a Sustainable Future

Hitachi, Ltd., Global Center for Social Innovation, Environment Project Leader, Research & Development Group, Corporate Chief Researcher, Tomoko Suzuki
SE05-12 2021/10/15 16:10-16:30

Concept of "the first step" toward the realization of carbon neutrality

Hitachi Consulting Co., Ltd., Global Business Consulting Division, Social Infrastructure Digitization Consulting Department, Koichi Takiguchi
Hitachi, Ltd., Services & Platforms Business Unit, Control System Platform Division, Hiroyasu Katou
SE05-17 2021/10/15 17:40-18:00

Trusted Partnerships for a Carbon-neutral Future: Energy Services

Hitachi Energy, Head of Service, Wolf Müller
*Hitachi ABB Power Grids will change its name to Hitachi Energy on October 13, 2021.

Virtual Exhibition

From this year's exhibition, a "virtual exhibition" will be applied for customers to experience Hitachi's Social Innovation Business in the same way as in a real exhibition, allowing them to freely move around in a single space according to their interests. 

Exhibit Information

HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current)
-Contributing to a Carbon-Neutral Future-

HVDC is a system that transmits power using high-voltage direct current and has the features of low transmission loss and the capability of transmitting a large amount of power over long distances. This technology contributes to the suitability for the interconnection of systems with different frequencies. It can also contribute to realizing a carbon-neutral society by converting renewable energy into the main power source, such as large-scale renewable energy grid interconnection and long-distance power transmission to large demand areas. In this virtual exhibition, we will introduce our HVDC solutions towards a carbon-neutral future.

Virtual Power Plant Solution for Decarbonized and Distributed Power Sources

The opitimization of use of distributed power sources is underway, with decarbonization and resilience driving it in the background. We aim to accelerate the distributed power generation business further by effectively using small-scale distributed power sources with IoT based virtual power planning solutions.

Renewable Energy Solutions for a Decarbonized Society

Renewable energy is playing a major role in today's growing efforts to realize a decarbonized society, such as the SDGs adopted by the United Nations in 2015 and the Japan's 2050 Carbon Neutral Declaration. For many years, we have provided wind and solar power systems and contributed to the local production for local consumption of energy and regional revitalization through collaborative creation with customers. In this exhibition, we will introduce our renewable energy solutions, mainly focusing on wind power.

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