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Power your business for digital transformation with innovative solutions built on industry expertise, proven technologies, trusted services and reliable partners – and delivered with flexibility.

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Lumada Maintenance Insights

Lumada Maintenance Insights: Suite of IoT applications to reduce unplanned downtime, predict asset failures, manage asset performance and more.

Demand, Supply and Inventory Visualization System

Visualize stock status across your enterprise to reduce inventory, and improve operational efficiency and lead times.

Remote Monitoring and Reporting System

Protect perishable assets by continuous monitoring of their environment – from transit to storage to final delivery.

Hitachi Energy Solutions

Optimize asset use and controls, enable predictive maintenance and manage energy at the enterprise level.

Hitachi Optimized Factory

Improve operating efficiencies by using a cost-effective, scalable technology platform that enables data-driven decision-making.

Hitachi Predictive Maintenance

Improve production efficiency with a fully integrated asset monitoring and predictive maintenance solution.

Hitachi Smart Spaces and Video Intelligence Solutions

Integrate video and data to gain intelligence and automated alerts to improve safety and efficiency.

Hitachi Water Solutions

Balance water availability and consumption, and manage wastewater more efficiently across the water supply chain.

Internet of Things Analytics

Embed sensors for IoT use cases and enrich sensor data with control system and environment data.

Smart Data Center

Gain fast, accurate, actionable insights with a cloud-based solution that reduces costs and accelerates your business.

TWX-21 Global PSI Visualization Service

Monitor the product, sales and inventory (PSI) information of your global supply chain on the spot.

TWX-21 MRO Centralized Purchasing Service

Handle all purchases – from office supplies and furniture to services and materials – with a one-stop service.

TWX-21 Supply Chain Collaboration Service

Share information with your buyers and suppliers in real time, in the cloud.

TWX-21 Web-EDI Global Service

Streamline communication with global suppliers by using the speed and efficiency of electronic data interchange.