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Our architecture, technologies, and platform services enable
the prompt provision of cutting-edge digital solutions.

Lumada Architecture

- An intelligent, composable, secure, and flexible platform -

This architecture consists of platform services and technologies that form a foundation for the speedy development and implementation of cutting-edge digital solutions. Lumada's digital innovation platform is equipped with architecture that combines such services and technologies, which are essential for DX. Lumada provides cutting-edge analytics technologies, asset management functions, and various other mechanisms all in one place, allowing you to swiftly implement digital solutions.

Six elements of the architecture

Lumada Solution Hub

Lumada's proven business solutions, solution components and development environments, and applications developed by our business partners are packaged into a form that is easy to introduce and provided via a cloud platform. This platform makes it easy to combine and customize solutions in multi-cloud environments that use the latest container technologies, allowing customers to carry out DX in a simple, speedy, and scalable manner.
From the verification of solutions at an early stage, to the smooth migration to production environments and speedy deployment to business environments on a global scale, we support the use of the various technologies in the Lumada ecosystem.

IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service, AWS: Amazon Web Services, GCP: Google Cloud Platform

Linking and combining various solutions to address a multitude of system construction needs.

Technologies Surrounding Lumada

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

At Hitachi, we come up with scenarios in which data can be effectively used. Using big data (which resolves issues through analytics) and AI (which suggests hypotheses in cases of overwhelmingly huge amounts of data), we help realize innovations that are of value to our customers.

To effectively use AI technologies, which are rapidly evolving and advancing, the need for skilled data scientists is undeniable. The Lumada Data Science Lab. consolidates Hitachi's expert knowledge and know-how related to a wide range of industries and business processes, human resources, and cutting-edge technologies. Making use of our wealth of experience, we suggest optimal ways for the customer to use AI to achieve digital transformation (DX).


The advent of 5G technology has made possible high-speed, high-capacity, low-latency communication with large numbers of simultaneous connections. 5G accelerates a cyber-physical system cycle, whereby huge amounts of diverse data collected in the real world are processed and analyzed in cyberspace, and the results are fed back to the real world.

Under the new normal, digital transformation (DX), such as the implementation of touchless, automation, and labor-saving measures, is becoming more and more important. Leveraging the features of 5G centered around Lumada solutions, Hitachi is working on co-creation projects with customers and business partners with the aim of resolving various social issues.


While new value is created through IoT, systems connected to the internet are now at risk of being targeted by external attacks via the internet. Even with respect to social infrastructure systems, power, railway, and other systems that were previously isolated from other networks now use IoT to provide services more efficiently. As a result, such systems are now subject to security threats.

Furthermore, as systems become interconnected and ecosystems and supply chains expand, new issues and threats that did not exist when companies and organizations were separate are now surfacing. For example, now, attackers can use security vulnerabilities as gateways to attack entire networks.

Under our motto of "Evolving Security for a Changing IoT World", Hitachi is making advancements in security. With our three-pronged approach of protection through groups, protection through systems, and protection through operation, we are working to provide both cyber and physical solutions for everything from security consulting to system construction and security operations, as well as developing human resources trained in security.

Control Technologies

Fusing cutting-edge IT with the experience and reliable know-how accumulated from on-site work pertaining to various types of infrastructure, Hitachi provides information control systems that support safe, secure, and comfortable social infrastructure in a wide range of fields including railways, electric power, water and sewage, and industry.

Located in Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Omika Works is a factory that handles information control systems for the fields of social infrastructure and industry and where Lumada solutions have been actually applied. The World Economic Forum has named Omika Works as a "Lighthouse" factory, one of the world's most advanced factories and one that serves as a guide for other companies. Omika Works is the first factory in Japan to receive this honor.

Multi-cloud Environments

Hitachi's enterprise cloud services provide network environments including virtual servers (CPUs, memory, disks), VPN connections, load balancers, firewalls, and more, for a monthly fee. We also offer a rich selection of options to equip enterprise systems with the high availability and high performance they need.

By linking the public cloud services provided by our business partners and the private cloud environments of our customers, we can manage various cloud environments suited for different purposes in an integrated manner via a federated portal.

Through Lumada, we have prepared various solutions for using the customer's data stored in the optimal cloud infrastructure.


Using IoT, AI, and other digital technologies, Hitachi's IoT/M2M solutions and services collect and analyze various types of field data to support the customer's digital transformation, for example, by resolving business or social issues or by creating new value.

Accumulated as Lumada solutions and customer cases, our know-how related to various sensor devices and IoT data collection and processing, as well as our knowledge of system construction including edge computing, makes it possible to use IoT/M2M in ways directly linked to business.

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