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Integrated Operations Management JP1

Integrated management

JP1/Integrated Management 2

With JP1/Integrated Management 2 - Manager, you can manage, in an integrated manner, the events occurring in your systems, along with various types of data and the relationships in the data.

IT service management

JP1/Service Support

JP1/Service Support centrally manages information about the processing status and progress of various issues (registered as "Items", which is a special term for issues managed in JP1) that occur in the system, such as user inquiries and failures.

IT operations automation

JP1/Automatic Operation

JP1/Automatic Operation automates the day-to-day IT operations that are performed in a system.

IT operations automation

JP1/Navigation Platform

JP1/Navigation Platform helps you visualize and share the procedures for business operations performed on a day-to-day basis, and provides guidance to ensure that operators perform their work accurately and efficiently.

Infrastructure management

JP1/Operations Analytics

JP1/Operations Analytics improves and optimizes tasks related to managing and operating an IT infrastructure that is becoming increasingly complex because of the use of virtual environments and cloud technology.

Performance management

JP1/Performance Management

JP1/Performance Management supports stable system operation by collecting operational information from targets that range from OSs and databases to virtual environments and various types of applications.

Network management

JP1/Network Node Manager i, JP1/SNMP System Observer

JP1/Network Node Manager i uses industry-standard SNMP to manage your entire network from a central graphical map.

Job management

JP1/Automatic Job Management System 3

JP1/Automatic Job Management System 3 controls the execution of operations spanning multiple cloud services and on-premises environments, allowing you to automate entire operations running in large-scale, complex systems to achieve greater efficiency and stable operations.

Job management

JP1/Client Process Automation

With JP1/Client Process Automation, you can control the execution schedule as well as the execution order of regular business operations performed on a PC (including operations performed by using RPA products).

Job management

JP1/Data Highway

JP1/Data Highway securely sends large files at high speeds over the internet.

Asset and distribution management

JP1/IT Desktop Management 2

JP1/IT Desktop Management 2 automatically collects various types of information, allowing you to manage it all in one place.