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Digital Smart City

Hitachi Digital Smart City - People Centric Digitalization Future Proofing

We will start by thinking of people’s happiness
Hitachi Digital Smart City

Hitachi will flexibly embrace changes in the world and with an emphasis on Wellness aim to realize Digital Smart City, which will improve QOL, by utilizing data of people living in towns and cities. Hitachi realizes "the city where people can live safely and healthy" and "safe living with excitement and enrichment" "a city that helps people live a healthy and active life" as well as "a city where people safely enjoy the bustle of the city" as a people centric.

Variety of services to support
the diverse activities in the city.


A city that’s always exciting and full of activities

Shopping at Digital Smart City

With the rise of e-commerce and the outbreak of pandemic, changes are required in the way commercial facilities such as shopping malls operate. Putting the happiness of the people involved in shopping first, Hitachi aims to contribute to realizing a space where new attractions and discoveries are continuously born, while also ensuring safety.

Workplace &

A city where people work happily and comfortably

Workplace and workstyle in Digital Smart City

Going through workstyle reform and pandemic have drastically changed the way individuals work, and workers now seek for more freedom and flexibility in their workplaces and workstyles. Putting the happiness of workers first, Hitachi aims to improve work efficiency and teamwork with digital solutions that can be applied in various situations.

Senior Life

A city where people lead a healthy and energetic life

Senior life in Digital Smart City

As we enter the age of "100-year life", being able to stay healthy and to live independently will become increasingly important in the near future of our society. Considering the happiness of our senior citizens, Hitachi aims to develop a city where people can live actively with healthy by utilizing various digital solutions in the fields of physical fitness, nutrition and social participation.


Cities that offer safety and peace of mind

Technologies that support the Digital Smart City

In an ever-changing city where people from all walks of life gather, the functions required of a city also change day by day. Hitachi's Digital Smart City aims to keep up with all the changes in the city to continuously provide new values in response to the changes.