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Digital Smart City

Senior Life

A city where senior citizens can live a long,
healthy and independent life.

In the age of 100-year life, Hitachi’s Digital Smart City aims to build a city where people of all ages, including seniors, can stay healthy and enjoy a long, fulfilling and independent life.


Helping people find enjoyable activities
to stay active in society

  • An app to give recommendations on exercises and nutrition

    By installing an app on a mobile device, the system will sense the health conditions and the amount of activity of the user based on their daily activities and exercises. It will give personalized recommendations on activities and health management tips, such as exercising at the gym or taking the necessary nutrition in the diet.

  • The entire city helps senior citizens' social participation, encouraging them to go out and live an enjoyable and active life.

    An app recommends activities that enable senior citizens to have a fulfilling life. Living actively with a optimal physical training at a gym, individually adjusted health-conscious diet, and enjoyable shopping experiences help seniors to live independently for a longer time.

  • Sharing health data with family members living apart through monitoring service

    With the use of our monitoring service utilizing sensing technology, seniors can share their health conditions and health management tips with family members who live far away. This service will contribute to the improvement of QoL for all generations by supporting families to reach out and communicate when necessary.