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Digital Smart City


A city where people can safely enjoy
shopping and entertainment

A city where a variety of goods and events gather, and where you can discover and experience new things every day-- Hitachi’s Digital Smart City aims to create an environment where people can safely enjoy shopping.


Turning small vacant spaces into a space to enjoy shopping

  • Movable booths will enable efficient use of available space.

    Spaces such as commercial facilities and concourses can be turned into retail areas, attracting customers who will come back repeatedly as they find new booths every time they visit.

  • Attract new customers by offering spaces as mobile office booths or event sites.

    Such booths are expected to be in greater demand as more people start to look for workspace outside of office, with the increase of remote working and online meetings. These booths can also be used for holding small-scale events, opening up new possibilities for attracting customers.

  • New space for those who want to start their own business.

    It will be an ideal space for people who wish to open their own store, but prefer to start small. It is also possible to provide all equipment, as well as proposals for store displays matching the products or store image, as well as suggestions for possible collaboration with neighboring businesses to explore business opportunities.

  • New sales experience supported by visitor flow monitoring and crowd analysis

    Equipped with IT tools such as sensors and cameras, the booths will also digitally support new sales experience. Holistic management of multiple booths also enables measurement of visitor flow and crowd analysis. Through these services, we will support the creation of new buyer-seller relationships, contributing to making the city more attractive and thriving.