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Digital Smart City


Technologies that supports the safety
and security of Digital Smart City.

In today’s world, cities are a home to a wide variety of people, goods, and information, and the functions they require constantly change by the minute. Hitachi’s Digital Smart City aims to be a safe, secure, and resilient city that is well prepared for sudden disasters and pandemics, without overlooking such changes in the city.


Always offering new value
by capturing the changes in the city.

  • Supplying electricity with less environmental impact by capturing energy demand fluctuations.

    We will optimize power supply to be less harmful to the environment responding to energy demand fluctuations due to the change of season or time of the day, including energy management by integrating power between local wind power and the facility’s solar power.

  • Detecting the change in traffic and logistics volumes to optimize operation.

    By utilizing data, we can achieve more efficient responses with less waste of resources in logistics. This includes the optimal management of various mobility services, such as trains and buses, by predicting changes in traffic volume based on date and time, and the adjustment of supply chains, from production to delivery, managed according to the projected changes in inventory and distribution volume.

  • Rapid detection and prompt action on suspicious objects and persons.

    Sensing technology can be used to measure human presence and physical distance in the streets, stations, airports, and office buildings. It also helps detect the presence of suspicious objects, enabling a rapid response for ensuring safety.

  • Making the city more flexible and resilient with continuous updates and analysis on city’s data.

    The city’s data collected through analytics can be analyzed holistically and reflected in the services, including existing infrastructure. This also enables continuous update of the city’s long-term value, helping the city to become truly flexible and adaptable to unexpected and sudden changes.