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Digital Smart City

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Hitachi’s Digital Smart City supports the happiness of workers and organizations

The workstyle reform and pandemic has drastically changed how we all work. Hitachi’s Digital Smart City aims to serve as a workplace with variety of services to match the diversity of work styles, giving no limitations to where and when to work.


More freedom
in where and when you work.

  • Live your ideal lifestyle with remote meetings and workcation.

    Quit sitting in an office and shift to a more flexible workstyle with the freedom to choose when and where you want to work. Trying out workcation will be easier with our app giving ideas on various ways to work. It will also make it easier to help workers stay motivated.

  • Get the most out of working from home by checking work habits through an app

    People tend to work longer hours when working from home. The app will let workers be aware of how they work, helping them balance their lifestyle. It can also give recommendations on suitable places to work for a change, depending on the task and the current location.

  • A time to rethink the way you have been working with your team.

    Technology such as sensing and analytics can reveal how people have been working in the organization. Visualizing communication within the team using sensors will make it easier to find opportunities to review communication within the team.

  • Live with happiness even between working hours by receiving suggestions on new lunch places and yoga events.

    The app will let people know where they can find work spaces in various parts of the city. It will also suggest healthy lunch places and health-enhancing events in the neighborhood. Finding fun things to do around offices and work spaces will help workers stay motivated.