HDS Skyline Series: Marketplace Turns to the Mainframe with a Difference

Michael Boucher, Hitachi Data Systems Corp.
Charles Sykes, Marketing writer
Michihiro Hirai, General Purpose Computer Division, Hitachi, Ltd.


With the move toward distributed processing in recent years, the role of the mainframe has been undergoing significant changes. More and more user applications are being moved onto client/server systems. Such trends have increased the role of networks which interconnect a variety of subsystems. As huge quantities of data and applications are transmitted back and forth, there is a spiraling increase in the amount of traffic over inter-company as well as intra-company networks. This trend is fueled by the emerging use of multimedia.

Another move worth noting is the construction of data warehouses into which large amounts of customer data are stored both to enhance the quality of customer services and to capitalize on services in marketing activities. Against this background, demand is steadily increasing for high-performance, high-capacity systems. In particular, large mainframes, which allow existing software assets to be used without modification, are undergoing a world-wide revival.

The Hitachi mainframe MP5800 is sold as the HDS Skyline Series1) in the international marketplace and is gaining wide acceptance among users with large-scale data centers.

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