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Innovative R&D Report 2014

Volume 63 Number 9 November 2014

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In the Social Innovation Business that Hitachi Group is pursuing, a rich knowledge and accumulation of technology is essential to promoting conversation and collaboration with customers, and, of resolving the various challenges. This issue of Hitachi Review focuses on some of the diverse technologies and achievements with the potential for creating innovation, from among Hitachi's activities based on key R&D (research and development) measures.


Keiji Kojima


Hitachi R&D Strategy
Haruo Takeda, Dr. Eng.

Featured Articles

Design Approach based on Social Science for Social Innovation Business
Kaori Kashimura / Yujin Tsukada / Takafumi Kawasaki / Hiroki Kitagawa / Yukinobu Maruyama
Concept of Energy Efficient Datacenter in ASEAN Region
Ken Naono, Dr. Eng. / Jun Okitsu / Nordin Zakaria, Dr. Eng. / Low Tang Jung, Dr. Eng. / Shaharin Anwar Sulaiman, Dr. Eng. / Mohd Fatimie Irzaq Khamis / Tatsuo Fujii
Combustion Analysis Techniques for Development of Next-generation Engine Systems
Yoshihiro Sukegawa / Kazuhiro Oryoji / Eiji Ishii, Dr. Eng.
Privacy-preserving Analysis Technique for Secure, Cloud-based Big Data Analytics
Ken Naganuma / Masayuki Yoshino, Ph.D. / Hisayoshi Sato, Ph.D. / Yoshinori Sato
High-definition 3D Image Processing Technology for Ultrasound Diagnostic Scanners
—Realistic 3D Fetal Imaging—
Masahiro Ogino / Takuma Shibahara, Ph.D. / Yoshimi Noguchi / Takehiro Tsujita / Masaru Murashita / Tsuyoshi Mitake
First-principles Materials-simulation Technology
Yuji Suwa, Ph.D. / Masakuni Okamoto, Ph.D. / Tomoyuki Hamada, Dr. Eng.
Light Water Reactor System Designed to Minimize Environmental Burden of Radioactive Waste
Tetsushi Hino, Dr. Sci. / Masaya Ohtsuka, Dr. Eng. / Kumiaki Moriya / Masayoshi Matsuura
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