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Water Industry Solutions for Ongoing Development of Social Infrastructure

Volume 64 Number 9 December 2015

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Hitachi Review

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Along with supplying a wide range of products and services that encompass water conservation, flood control, water supply and sewage systems, and water desalination and recycling, Hitachi is also engaged in activities with roots in the water industry that promise ongoing progress throughout the social infrastructure. This issue of Hitachi Review describes solutions for the water industry that are intended to overcome a variety of challenges, and gives explanations and examples of the latest technologies in fields like water supply and sewage.

From the Editor

From the Editor
Takahiro Tachi

Expert Insights

Sustainable Forms of Water Use Systems
Hiroaki Furumai, Dr. Eng.


Accelerating Fusion of IT and Control to Deliver Innovation in Water Industry
Seiichi Shin, Dr. Eng. / Hiroto Yokoi / Hideyuki Tadokoro, P.E.Jp / Toshihiko Nakano, Ph.D. / Takahiro Tachi


Water Industry Solutions for Ongoing Development of Social Infrastructure
Takahiro Tachi / Naotoshi Chiba / Takashi Tanaka

Featured Articles

Water Supply Systems and Operation & Maintenance

Water Distribution Solution for More Efficient Operation of Water Supply
Shinsuke Takahashi, Ph.D. / Shingo Adachi / Takeshi Takemoto / Minoru Umeki
Monitoring and Control Systems and Information Processing Systems to Support Safe Water Supply Operation
Hiroto Yokoi / Tadao Watanabe / Tatsuhiko Kagehiro, Ph.D. / Koji Kageyama, Ph.D. / Yukako Asano, Ph.D. / Hideyuki Tadokoro, P.E.Jp
Case Studies of Solutions Based on Water Operation and Facility Management Systems for Water Business
Yasunori Hata / Kazuhiro Hosotani / Naoki Maruyama / Tadao Watanabe / Kenji Koizumi, Dr. Eng.
Operation & Maintenance and Service Solutions for Water Utilities Based on Public-private Partnerships
Hidenori Hasuka / Takeshi Kurotsu / Takuya Ando / Akimasa Izumiyama

Sewage and Wastewater Treatment

Control Technology, Advanced Treatment Processes, and Next-generation Systems for Sewage and Wastewater
Masahiro Goto / Ichiro Yamanoi, Dr. Energy Science / Yousuke Hanamoto / Yuya Kimura, Dr. Eng. / Kazuichi Isaka, Dr. Eng.
Work on Reconstruction of Electrical Systems at Sendai's Minami-Gamo Sewage Treatment Center Following Great East Japan Earthquake
Yasuhiro Kato / Akihiro Yamada / Kazushi Nozawa / Akihiko Okada

Contributing to the Global Water Industry

Hitachi's Water Business Activities in the Oil & Gas Industry
Hisashi Isogami, Ph.D. / Kiyokazu Takemura / Tang Chay Wee / Katsumi Shida / Takahide Nagahara, Dr. Eng.
Work on Introduction of Water Distribution Control System in Zhejiang Province, China through Public-private Partnership
Masahiro Yabashi, PE-Jp / Takahiro Tachi / Keiji Okuma / Jun Liu / Yineng Gu
Contribution to and Future Prospects for ISO/TC 224 and ISO/TC 282 International Standardization Activities in the Water Industry
Takahiro Tachi / Naoki Ohkuma, Dr. Eng.
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