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Security for Safe and Secure Social InfrastructureVolume 65 Number 8 September 2016

Social infrastructure systems provide 24-hour/365-day support for both business and daily life. However, along with efficiency improvements such as the application of IoT technology and operation over a wide area, and coordination between operators, security threats continue to rise year by year, including a growing diversity of cyber-attacks. In response, Hitachi is working to achieve a safe and secure society by engaging in collaborative creation with numerous organizations based on the concept of protection at the system, organization, and operational levels. This issue of Hitachi Review describes the associated technologies, products, and solutions, including specific examples of how they are deployed.


    Overall View and Collaborative Creation Activities for a Safe and Secure Society

    Threats to the security of social infrastructure systems are on the rise against a background of increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks and a changing security environment inside and outside of Japan.

    From the Editor

    Takeshi Miyao

    Social infrastructure systems provide uninterrupted 24-hour/365-day services such as the electric power, gas, and water that underpin daily life and business activity. The social infrastructure systems that deliver these services are steadily advancing and seeking to improve efficiency, increasingly operating over wide areas, with interoperation between different providers and use of systems based on the Internet of Things (IoT).

    Expert Insights

    Achieving a High-quality Internet

    Not a day goes by without news of a security incident, whether it be an information leak, unauthorized access, or malware. Recent cases have also emerged of ransomware, which holds information for ransom and demands money. In February of this year, the operations of a Los Angeles hospital were disrupted by ransomware that infected its PCs.


    Hitachi’s Social Infrastructure Defenses for Safety and Security through Collaborative Creation with Customers

    THE social infrastructure that underpins daily life and business is required to ensure service continuity even during times of difficulty. Many different types of services, including government, finance, and healthcare as well as electric power, gas, water, and railways, are expected to provide 24-hour/365-day uninterrupted operation, or at least to maintain a bare minimum of essential services at all times.

    Featured Articles Ⅰ

    Examples by Sector

    Power Sector Examples Hitachi’s Approach to Security for Power Control Systems
    Masahiro Murakami, Hideki Hanami, Hiromichi Konno, Ryuichi Okamoto, Mitsuaki Ishiba
    Process Industry ExamplesControl Security Support in Hitachi Instrumentation Systems
    Shigenori Kaneko, Kazunobu Morita, Tomoyuki Sunaga, Hitoshi Murakami, Makiko Murakami, Katsumi Hanashima
    Water and Sewage Industry ExamplesSecurity Technology for Wide-area Monitoring and Control Systems
    Tadao Watanabe, Kosuke Yamaguchi, Hideyuki Tadokoro, Takahiro Tachi
    Financial Industry ExamplesIncident Response Team Activities in Finance
    Mari Miyazaki, Hiroyuki Hatanaka, Katsunori Takahashi, Momoko Nagata
    Citywide Protection ExamplesGlobal Work on Protecting the Safety and Security of Cities
    Ryota Masuda, Saneyuki Fujita, Makoto Namai, Justin Bean

    Featured Articles II

    Platform Technologies

    Security PlatformsHitachi’s Security Solution Platforms for Social Infrastructure
    Toshihiko Nakano, Takeshi Onodera, Tadashi Kamiwaki, Takeshi Miyao
    Information SecurityHitachi’s Solution for Defending against Cyber-attacks
    Takehiro Kawashima, Yuji Motokawa, Kazuya Yonemitsu, Hiroyuki Hamada, Kazuhiro Kawashima
    Control SecuritySecurity Solutions that Protect the Life Cycle of Control Systems
    Satoshi Okubo, Kohei Yamaguchi, Tetsuaki Nakamikawa, Hiroki Uchiyama
    Physical SecurityIntegrated Physical Security Platform Concept Meeting More Diverse Customer Needs
    Tatsuhito Sagawa, Tomokazu Murakami, Taisuke Kano, Wataru Ito, Masakazu Nakayama, Ichiro Ote
    IoT SecurityIoT System Security Issues and Solution Approaches
    Shinsuke Tanaka, Kenzaburo Fujishima, Nodoka Mimura, Tetsuya Ohashi, Mayuko Tanaka
    Security Research and DevelopmentResearch and Development of Advanced Security Technology
    Tadashi Kaji