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Editorial Coordinator, “Elevator and Escalator Products and Services to Enhance Urban Environments” Issue

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Hitachi Review

This issue of Hitachi Review covers recent work by Hitachi's building systems business that encompasses building solutions and services as well as elevator and escalator products and services.

Expert Insights and Technotalk both present ideas about the future directions for buildings, cities, and other public spaces.

Featured Articles I describes an elevator concept model, and a group control elevator that uses a destination floor reservation system, focusing on the core concept of systems that proactively anticipate unconscious human behavior for new Hitachi elevator and escalator products and services. This concept deals not only with the technology and functions of elevators and escalators, but also with how easy to use and inviting they are for users. In terms of providing solutions and services throughout the product lifecycle, which lasts for a long time after installation, this section also looks at products and technologies for modernizing aging elevators and escalators, and at the state of Hitachi's preparations for major disasters.

Featured Articles II describes the range of Hitachi products designed for growing global markets. In what can be seen as a technical milestone for elevators and escalators, Hitachi achieved the world's fastest speed of 1,200 m/min in May 2016 (as of May 2016, as determined by Hitachi) with an elevator that is to be installed at the Guangzhou Chow Tai Fook (CTF) Finance Centre in Guangzhou, China. Focusing on a commentary of that achievement, this section also profiles the full lineup of elevators manufactured for the Chinese market and the new globally standardized machine-room-less elevator series for Asia, the Middle East, and India. The fact that the lead author of the article on the elevators manufactured in China is a member of the development team at Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd., and that staff from China, Hitachi Elevator Asia Pte. Ltd. in Singapore, and Siam-Hitachi Elevator Co., Ltd. in Thailand were co-authors of two other articles, demonstrates the extent to which Hitachi's workforce is globalizing along with its business.

Featured Articles III and Topics contain articles on subjects ranging from past research and development to work on future business expansion. Work on the Kasumigaseki Building, which served as the beginning of ultra-high-speed elevator development roughly 50 years ago, and the commitment this represented, culminated in Hitachi's recent achievement of the world's fastest elevator. In the case of maintenance systems, we are proceeding with ways of working with the new Internet of Things (IoT) platform. Aspects of the collaborative creation being undertaken by Hitachi with customers are presented in terms of front-office sales activities. Topics describes a trial using the EMIEW 3 humanoid robot that is targeted at taking part in the service robotics business.

I hope that this issue of Hitachi Review will help you gain a better understanding of Hitachi's Social Innovation Business and the building system products and services that play a part of it.

Atsuya Fujino

CTO, Building Systems Business Unit, Hitachi, Ltd.

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