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Public Sector Systems

Finance, Public Sector, Healthcare

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Hitachi Review

Public Sector Systems

Finance, Public Sector, Healthcare

1. Firefighting Command Solution to Increase Public Safety and Security

1. Image of firefighting command system

A firefighting command system is a non-stop 24-hour system that protects the life and property of every citizen by rapidly issuing commands to fire stations and fire engines in response to emergency calls. In recent years, emergency calls have grown more diverse and Hitachi has developed systems with a wider range of functions for dealing with calls from non-Japanese and people with disabilities, including multilingual translation and chat functions. Other functions include field support functions that enable the command center to issue more accurate commands by sending information such as handwritten memos, videos and pictures, etc. to in-vehicle and field devices, and support functions for dealing with large-scale disasters through information aggregation and sharing.

Going forward, Hitachi will develop systems that will allow field personnel to send real time images and relevant information through smartphones, tablets and wearable devices, enabling the command center to understand and communicate the situation on the ground more accurately. Hitachi will also use artificial intelligence (AI) to develop a wider range of support functions and provide command solutions that increase public safety and security.

2. Road-related Data Services Platform

Advances in vehicle information systems and vehicular networking technologies in recent years have led to increased gathering and utilization of road-related data, probe vehicle information and other such data. The “Declaration to be the World’s Most Advanced IT Nation” released by the Strategic Headquarters for the Promotion of an Advanced Information and Telecommunications Network Society called for measures relating to the utilization of road and transport-related data, including the organization of existing data ready for utilization, encouragement of open data, increased sophistication of public-sector information systems, and promotion of the digitization of information, and new services that utilize this data now need to be created.

Hitachi is therefore examining a data services platform which will use technology such as AI and business intelligence (BI) to visualize and analyze the transport system data that is being collected and used in cooperation with various agencies to create new value. Through the utilization of transport data and this services platform, Hitachi will meet the needs of businesses in other sectors besides the road management which are looking to solve problems or increase the sophistication of their operations. For example, Hitachi will provide new value to logistics companies and port and harbor operators through services such as more efficient delivery and cargo handling planning and large vehicle management.

2. Road data services platform

3. Video Analysis & Search Solution to Support a Secure Society

In recent years, countries around the world have needed to ramp up video surveillance in face of the increased threat of terrorists attacks. Similarly, companies and businesses in the retail and other sectors are investing in security cameras to prevent losses as a result of industrial spies, sabotage, theft and other criminal activity. However, a complete understanding of the information or intelligence contained in the video content is often obstructed by the video coding and characteristics of the visual space (capacity, complexity and diversity).

To overcome these obstacles, Hitachi built a video analysis & search solution that combines ultra-high speed video search technology, sophisticated video analysis technology, image processing that puts the system under the least possible load, and a flexible video platform, to help maintain the safety and security of the social infrastructure.

The solution can be applied in many different industries besides the urban security sector including the commercial, real estate and media sectors, where it can be expected to create new business using data obtained from the video information and improve existing business operations.

Going forward, Hitachi will promote the formation of a solutions platform that will use advanced video search & analysis technology, diverse interfaces and sophisticated optimization functions to utilize video information at a level that exceeds human visual capacity.

3. Architecture of video analysis & search solution (top) and example of functions (bottom)

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