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Hitachi Review

1. HW Series of Large-capacity Vacuum Compartment Refrigerators

Hitachi has released the R-HW60J model in its HW series of large-capacity refrigerators featuring the new moisture cooling function that maintains a cool moist atmosphere at a temperature of approximately 2°C, and a larger interior capacity while still having the same width as previous models.

The main features are as follows:

  1. The moisture cooling function uses a new separate compartment refrigeration system that helps prevent food from drying out while also keeping the compartment temperature at approximately 2°C to minimize the growth of germs on prepared meals and to keep food fresher for longer. The refrigerator is also able to prevent the warming of surrounding food if a container is placed in the compartment while still hot.
  2. The walls of the refrigerator have been made thinner without compromising insulation by adopting a well-balanced combination of a newly developed urethane foam with good flow characteristics and a vacuum insulation material with high insulation performance. This gives the refrigerator an internal capacity of 602 L with a width of 68.5 cm.
  3. The vacuum compartment is sealed and maintained at a pressure of about 0.8 atmospheres to minimize the oxidation and drying of food. It also keeps food fresher for longer by using carbon dioxide gas generated using a platinum catalyst (containing ruthenium) to suppress the action of enzymes on the food surface.

(Hitachi Appliances, Inc.)

1. R-HW60J large-capacity vacuum compartment refrigerator (top) and illustration of the moisture cooling function (bottom)R-HW60J large-capacity vacuum compartment refrigerator (top) and illustration of the moisture cooling function (bottom)

2. Connected Consumer Appliance Front Loading Washer/Dryer

2. BD-NX120 (S) Front Loading Washer/DryerBD-NX120 (S) Front Loading Washer/Dryer

Hitachi has released the BD-NX120C Front Loading Washer/Dryer that takes care of everything from AI-based clothes washing*1 to “wind ironing” (washing capacity: 12 kg, drying capacity: 6 kg).

The main features are as follows:

  1. AI-based washing is a smart way to deliver clean clothes. It has nine different sensors to detect the detergent being used, the type of fabric, how dirty it is, the water hardness, and the movement of clothes inside the machine, and uses this information to control optimum operation in each step of the laundry process.
  2. High-speed air of around 300 km/h*2 blow dries clothes in a large capacity drum to smooth creases on clothes, and this will save the time and effort of ironing them.
  3. The ability to be operated from a smartphone app provides greater convenience in the form of notification, remote control, and support functions as well as a “concierge function” that recommends the appropriate wash cycle to users who are unsure.

(Hitachi Appliances, Inc.)

Operates during standard washing cycle to adjust water amount, power consumption, and operating time (tested by Hitachi Appliances).
Speed in vicinity of outlet calculated based on outlet cross-section and air flow rate (tested by Hitachi Appliances).

3. Connected Consumer Appliance Robot Cleaner

3. RV-EX20 robot cleaner and dedicated smartphone appRV-EX20 robot cleaner and dedicated smartphone app

Hitachi has released the RV-EX20 connected consumer appliance robot cleaner that includes convenient functions for operation and scheduling via a smartphone app that can be used both in the home and remotely.

The main features are as follows:

  1. The smartphone app provides remote access via the Internet and the home's wireless local-area network (LAN), with available operations including starting or stopping cleaning, setting the cleaning mode or schedule, and viewing the user guide or cleaning records.
  2. To enable access to confined spaces that would otherwise be hard to reach, the robot is only 25 cm wide and 9.2 cm high thanks to Hitachi's compact wheel design and suspension mechanism together with an efficient layout for the cleaning head and dust collector.
  3. The “dirt hunting” feature automatically detects parts of the room that are particularly dirty and returns to perform a repeat clean, and the “unobtrusive course” in which the robot performs its cleaning more slowly and quietly, such as when people are around.

(Hitachi Appliances, Inc.)

4. Connected Consumer Appliance Induction Hob

4. HT-L350KTWF (K) induction hob and smartphone appHT-L350KTWF (K) induction hob and smartphone app

Hitachi has released two new models in its HT-L350T series of induction hobs that feature integration with a smartphone app which makes cooking easier, including by helping users plan menus and by providing optimal settings and cooking times.

The main features are as follows:

  1. The dedicated smartphone app provides users with a selection of 300 Hitachi-original recipes (80 for induction cooking and 220 oven recipes), with the preset heat levels, cooking times, and other settings for the chosen recipe being transferred to the hob via Bluetooth*. When operating in automatic mode, real-time information such as the heating level during cooking or the remaining cooking time is provided on the smartphone to allow users to check on progress, and a notification is also sent when cooking finishes.
  2. The hob has a premium black finish to harmonize with the sophisticated black-themed kitchen designs that have become popular in recent years.

(Hitachi Appliances, Inc.)

See the list of “Trademarks.”

5. Collaboration with Independent Designer on Air Purifier Development

5. EP-PF120C air purifierEP-PF120C air purifier

Hitachi Appliances, Inc. and the Global Center for Social Innovation – Tokyo (run by the Research & Development Group of Hitachi, Ltd.) are currently engaged in a design innovation project called “Hitachi meets Design” based on the “design value creation” statement of Toshiaki Tokunaga, President of Hitachi Appliances, Inc.

This initiative adopts two approaches based on the concept of “Less but Seductive: objects that appear restrained at first glance and yet exert a fascination on people.” One approach combines work on boosting design quality within the company according to this concept. The other approach is to develop collaborative designs that bear the names of well-known designers from outside Hitachi who are in sympathy with this philosophy. The first project to be undertaken as part of this collaboration involves the world-renowned designer, Naoto Fukasawa, and has the objective of developing an air purifier intended for release in the spring of 2019 on the Chinese market where severe air pollution is a concern.

Based on a survey of actual living conditions in China, the project targeted the development of an air purifier that achieves superior performance through a high flow rate, coming up with a highly distinctive design in which the front panel is made up entirely of louvers to give a visual impression of it effectively drawing in dirty air. The unit has also been designed for corner installation with a boldly tapered rear-side that, together with its high flow rate, enhances the efficiency of air circulation throughout the room.

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