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Hitachi Technology 2019

Hitachi Review Vol. 68 (2019) No. 2 is “Hitachi Technology 2019.”

This issue of Hitachi Review presents topics in a variety of business fields, primarily Hitachi's digital solutions and unique products that underpin it's Social Innovation Business.

    President Message

    Around the world, there has been an increase in measures aimed at giving people a better way of life through overcoming social issues.

    Toshiaki Higashihara, President & CEO, Hitachi, Ltd. explains how Hitachi can contribute to address these challenges and achieve a better society through its Social Innovation Business.

    DiscussionTowards a Society where Everyone Can Enjoy the Benefits of New Digital Technologies

    The sophisticated use of data made possible by advances in digital technology is opening up new ways to overcome the challenges faced by companies and other parts of society.

    However, many challenges remain when it comes to using these technologies to transform society.

    What sort of ideas and actions are needed to resolve these challenges?

    Industry, Distribution, Water

    Research & Development