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Hitachi Review

1. Large-capacity Refrigerator with Selectable Zone Feature

Hitachi has released the R-KW57K refrigerator that comes with selectable zone, a new feature enabling use of the two compartments (pull-out drawers) in the lower section as either freezer, refrigerator, or vegetable compartments to meet the user’s lifestyle needs. The refrigerator’s main features are as follows:

  1. Comes with selectable zones, a new feature that enables each of the refrigerator’s bottom two storage levels to be used as a freezer, refrigerator, or vegetable compartment. The feature lets users freely select the layout that matches their lifestyle needs the best. For example, busy dual-income households relying heavily on frozen meals can use both levels as freezer compartments, while households consuming a lot of fresh vegetables can use the readily accessible top level as a vegetable compartment.
  2. Moisture cooling feature sets the interior of the refrigerator compartment to the ‘chilled’ temperature setting of about 2°C*. It reduces propagation of food germs to ensure that pre-made dishes retain long-lasting freshness no matter where in the refrigerator compartment they are placed. The refrigerator compartment also has a new subzero compartment that can preserve the freshness of meat or fish without freezing it (at about –1°C). It uses indirect cooling with no direct contact of cold air on food, helping prevent opened ham from drying out even when unwrapped.

(Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc.)

* :
Excluding door pocket temperature.

[1] Model R-KW57K (XN) large-capacity refrigerator with selectable zone feature (left), and illustration of selectable zone compartments (right)[1] Model R-KW57K (XN) large-capacity refrigerator with selectable zone feature (left), and illustration of selectable zone compartments (right)

2. Connected Consumer Appliance: Front Loading Washer/Dryer

[2] BD-NX120E [N] front loading washer/dryer[2] BD-NX120E [N] front loading washer/dryer

Hitachi has released the BD-NX120E front loading washer/dryer that automatically dispenses liquid detergent and fabric softener. It is a connected appliance*1 with a 12 kg washing capacity and 6 kg washing-drying capacity. The main features are as follows:

  1. Automatically dispenses the proper amounts of liquid detergent and fabric softener with every wash. Eliminates the inconvenience of manually measuring and dispensing products, while also ensuring superior cleaning and softening performance by always dispensing the right amounts.
  2. An artificial-intelligence-based (AI-based) intelligent washing feature*2 performs nine sensing operations that use multiple sensors to detect parameters such as detergent type and soilage severity. It operates the unit with the right washing control for each cycle automatically.
  3. Wind Iron feature eliminates the need for ironing by drying clothes with high-speed wrinkle-smoothing air jets with a speed of about 300 km/h*3.
  4. Connects to a smartphone app to assist with laundry. The app improves convenience such as by providing a washing indicator-based operation advice function and personalized AI selections that let the unit learn the user’s preferred washing methods.

(Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc.)

*1 :
An appliance with functions for exchanging data over the Internet or with a smartphone.
*2 :
Operates during standard washing cycle to adjust water amount, power consumption, and operating time (tested by Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc.).
*3 :
Speed in vicinity of outlet calculated based on outlet cross-section and air flow rate (tested by Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc.)

3. Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

[3] PV-BFL1 [N] lightweight cordless stick vacuum cleaner[3] PV-BFL1 [N] lightweight cordless stick vacuum cleaner

A recently released cordless stick vacuum cleaner (model PV-BFL1) is with lightweight and easy-to-handle design that makes operation simple. The main features are as follows:

  1. The standard weight*1 of 1.4 kg is light in the hand, making vacuuming easy. The weight is less than 1 kg for the handheld form*2 also.
  2. The new compact/lightweight high power fan motor developed by Hitachi has an original three-bladed fixed vane. The vane provides efficient airflow control to enable a compact/lightweight design and powerful suction force.
  3. A new compact self-propelled head has been developed that maintains an airtight seal with the floor surface to enable thorough vacuuming with easy-going operation. The rotary brush is placed near the front of the head to vacuum cleanly all the way to the floor nearby the wall.

(Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc.)

*1 :
Total weight of body, extension pipe and head.
*2 :
Total weight of body and attachment nozzle for handheld use.

4. Connected Consumer Appliance: Health-conscious Superheated Steam Microwave Oven

Hitachi has released the MRO-W10X connected-appliance superheated steam microwave oven. It has a double-scan cooking feature*1 that can automatically control the cooking temperature to match the portion size, and uses 30 classic recipes selected from the Cookpad* recipe-sharing platform*2. The main features are as follows:

  1. Comes with a double-scan cooking feature that measures weight and temperature*3. The feature makes it easy to cook appealing dishes without adjusting the cooking temperature, even for variable portion sizes. It has 30 recipes selected from the classic recipes category of the Cookpad recipe-sharing platform that are used as auto-menu selections.
  2. Connects to a smartphone app to help with daily cooking tasks. For example, the app makes recipe searches easy and can suggest recommended recipes that are easy to register in the unit.
  3. Has been designed for ease-of-use. Full-dot liquid-crystal displays provide easy-to-read text and pictures showing auto-menu selection names or accessories to use. Frequently used functions can also be easily selected at the press of a button. The dial ring changes color to indicate the unit’s operation mode, clearly displaying the current operation mode and providing a colorful accent to the kitchen’s decor.

(Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc.)

*1 :
The double-scan cooking feature does not work with preheating, use of a black tray, or manual menu selections.
*2 :
Auto-menu selections that enable the double-scan feature to make recipes from the classic recipes category of the Cookpad recipe-sharing platform provided by Cookpad Inc.
*3 :
Measures the weight and temperature of the food (and container). Measures the surface temperature before heating, and with the temperature change until reaching the surface temperature specified for the current menu selection.
* :
See the list of “Trademarks.”

[4] MRO-W10X [H] superheated steam microwave oven[4] MRO-W10X [H] superheated steam microwave oven

5. Connected Consumer Appliance: Induction Hob

Induction hob (HT-M350T and HT-M150T models) is a recently released four-model series of connected-appliance three-burner induction heating (IH) cookers with Hitachi’s special ridged-surface grill dish and flat-surface oven dish* that make it easier to prepare a wide range of appealing dishes. The main features are as follows:

  1. A menu selection for cooking still-frozen foods has been added to the setting for cooking fish using the special trays. It enables frozen fish to be cooked straight away without the inconvenience of defrosting. A new water-free cooking setting has also been added that creates appealing dishes using only seasonings and the moisture in the ingredients.
  2. The top surface has a flat top plate (premium) made of glass (except for the vents). It is designed to complement the kitchen decor, with an attractive streamlined look throughout. The flat shape enables quick removal for easy care.
  3. The cooker connects to a smartphone app to help with daily cooking tasks. For example, the app makes recipe searches easy, can suggest recommended recipes, and makes it easy to send settings to the unit.

(Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc.)

* :
The ridged-surface grill dish and flat-surface grill dish are trays used in the grill. They have been continued from previous models, along with the special cover used with them.

[5] HT-M350KTWF (K) induction hob[5] HT-M350KTWF (K) induction hob

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