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Transforming Society with Digital Technology

GlobalLogic, a Global Partner to Support DX


    In July 2021, Hitachi Group welcomed GlobalLogic, which is a leader in design-led digital engineering. For over 20 years, GlobalLogic has been engaging in activities to create innovative digital products, platforms, and engaging experiences. This article describes the capabilities of GlobalLogic for DX.

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    Author introduction

    Shashank Samant

    Shashank Samant

    • GlobalLogic Chief Executive Officer
    • Since joining GlobalLogic in 2008, Shashank Samant has transformed the company from a team of bright software engineers working with start-ups, into a global digital engineering services leader, helping Fortune 1000 companies achieve their digital ambitions. In Shashank’s time as President and CEO of GlobalLogic, the company has experienced explosive growth in size, reach, and revenue. In July 2021, Hitachi completed its acquisition of GlobalLogic, which is now a Hitachi Group Company.


    GlobalLogic is a leader in design-led digital engineering. The company works at the intersection of design, engineering, and data to help customers imagine what’s possible and build the digital technologies of their future.

    GlobalLogic was founded in 2000 and for over 20 years, it has been collaborating with some of the world’s most recognized brands and fast-growing disruptors to create innovative digital products, platforms, and engaging experiences. At GlobalLogic, design, complex engineering, and data are married to bring its customers’ digital ambitions to life. In the process, it creates new business models, new revenue streams, and transforms its customers’ businesses.

    What the company does is usually not directly seen by the world, but GlobalLogic’s work is experienced and touched by everyone in the every-day products they interact with. From checking email to navigating maps, driving a car, shopping, and going to the pharmacy -- GlobalLogic’s services are built into all of these every-day digital experiences.

    Who is GlobalLogic?

    GlobalLogic marked its annual growth rate of over 24% in FY2020. The fact that its average customer tenure is over 10 years and net dollar retention is at 114% in FY2020 shows the company’s customers’ strong trust towards its capabilities, and it demonstrates how GlobalLogic is accompanying its customers on their digital transformation (DX) journey.

    GlobalLogic operates in 14 countries around the world, with 38 engineering centers and 8 design studios, and more than 23,000 design and software engineering professional personnel.

    The design studio is a hub of co-creation activity with customers, helping to create an attractive user experience, from the consideration of the relationship between business brands and customers to the design of integrated and intuitive services.

    Figure 1 | Silicon Valley Ingenuity on a Global Scale – GlobalLogic, a Hitachi Company, At-a-Glance Figure 1 | Silicon Valley Ingenuity on a Global Scale – GlobalLogic, a Hitachi Company, At-a-Glance GlobalLogic operates in 14 countries around the world, with 38 engineering centers and 8 design studios, and more than 23,000 design and software engineering professional personnel.

    GlobalLogic’s Core Competencies

    GlobalLogic offers three fundamental capabilities for digital transformation: Experience Design, Complex Engineering, and Content/Data Engineering.

    1. Experience Design
      Using design-thinking, GlobalLogic helps customers define the ideal product or service experience and work backward to the technology. The company’s Strategic Design studio, Method Inc., takes a holistic approach to experience design. From considering a business’ brand and relationship with its customers to defining coherent and intuitive services, it helps create engaging user experiences that are as strong as the technology behind them.
    2. Complex Engineering
      GlobalLogic has the expertise and scale to help customers build the best digital products in the shortest possible time. With nearly 23,000 designers, architects, and software and data engineers around the world, it not only has the talent, but also the mature processes and development tools to give customers’ projects the boost that they need. Whether the software is on a chip, on a physical device, or in the cloud, the company can help design, build, and accelerate any software lifecycle with the highest quality.
    3. Content/Data Engineering
      Modern products thrive on customized content and data. GlobalLogic’s teams accelerate content enrichment, data analytics, and machine learning-led model training.
      It provides customers with end-to-end content/data engineering services to support their content journey, turning raw data into actionable insights. It helps businesses manage their content ecosystems through automated solutions and real-time moderation teams.
      With over a decade of experience and a globally distributed team of content experts, the company partners with some of the largest businesses in the world — from med-tech and hi-tech pioneers, to automotive and fleet management companies — to develop insightful content and data solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.
      These competencies enable GlobalLogic to co-create with its customers. They will also be used to further enhance Lumada as a digital platform, and create new Lumada-powered solutions.

    Figure 2 | GlobalLogic Combines Design, Engineering, and Data Science to Build Customers’ Digital Futures Figure 2 | GlobalLogic Combines Design, Engineering, and Data Science to Build Customers’ Digital Futures GlobalLogic is uniquely differentiated by the integration of its design, engineering, and data science expertise.

    GlobalLogic’s DX Approach

    Digital transformation is not a one-time event, it is a multi-year journey – which is why having a long-term partner like GlobalLogic is critical. The company looks at the different steps of transformation like the layers of an onion:

    Figure 3 | GlobalLogic Solves Complex Software Challenges Figure 3 | GlobalLogic Solves Complex Software Challenges GlobalLogic meets customers at the intersections of brand+business strategy, service+product design, and tech+R&D.

    Starting from the center or “Core Product” – this is where companies can leverage modern technology enhance an existing product and expand its value proposition.

    The second layer is Digital Augmentation, companies look at how they can use their digital platforms and interfaces to create more touch points and channels with their consumers.

    The third layer is Digital Services, where companies extend their physical products to provide end-to-end solutions to meet broadening customer needs. For example, a tools company can aspire to become an asset management company for the construction sector.

    The fourth layer is where companies build a Digital Ecosystem, or universal platforms that interface with suppliers, partners, and customers, to generate new revenue streams.

    Ultimately, the quest is to help companies go from a Core Product mindset to building their own Digital Services and Ecosystems. Design, Engineering, and the Lumada use cases and platform offer the perfect elements to achieve this quickly and efficiently.

    Customer Case Studies

    1. Pearson; Creating a customized learning platform
      A great example of a successful transition to a digital ecosystem is Pearson plc. In order to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving learning landscape, and re-imagine its business model for the digital age, the customer partnered with GlobalLogic to design and build an adaptive online learning platform that allows the customer to deliver content in a whole new way – customized for each learner. The adaptive learning platform combined with partner content empowers learners to consume content at their own pace, enhancing the learning experience and supporting life-long learning. Overall, the platform enabled the customer to pivot their offerings from content and text-books into Learning-As-a-Service that adaptively and interactively manages the learner journey.
    2. Hilti; construction tools as a service
      Another great example of the transformational power of chip-to-cloud digital engineering is the work GlobalLogic is doing with Hilti.
      GlobalLogic services have enabled the customer to transform its business model beyond tools manufacturing and sales to delivering construction tools as a service, creating entirely new revenue streams, monetization models, and enhancing user experience in the process. Currently 14,000 enterprise customers and 300,000 users in 63 countries are using the platform in 65 languages.
    3. Stellar; Building a digital marketplace for the private aviation industry
      Using state-of-the-art technology, Steller and GlobalLogic have created a mobile application and all-new back-end system that simplifies the complicated procedures between travelers and private aviation airline operators to ensure a smooth flight booking and billing experience.
      Through iterative user testing, it incorporates real-time quoting, secure transactions, and aircraft fleet management software to flexibly provide the appropriate resources at the right time, including private flight availability.


    GlobalLogic believes in looking at the world as it should be, and collectively with its customers, it has the talent to co-create the technologies to support a better society. In this aspect, GlobalLogic’s work aligns beautifully with Hitachi’s vision of “Powering Good.”

    In July 2021, GlobalLogic became a Hitachi Group company, its approach to co-creation will provide a great complement to Hitachi’s Lumada and its rich portfolio of operational technology (OT) and IT solutions.

    Together these companies will expand the Lumada portfolio and help customers drive their next-generation digital platforms.