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Considerations Surrounding Social Innovation

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Hitachi Review

July 2020

  • Management Based on Human Empathy

  • Act Locally, Change Globally

February 2020

  • Toward a Fully Harmonious Society that Puts Wellbeing First

  • The SDGs and Social Innovation

January 2020

  • Revisiting Ethics and Relationships with Others

  • Essence of the Era of 100-year Lifetimes Emergence of “Third-age” Generation

  • The Truth about Future Society and Well-being (2) Era of Psychological Capit

November 2019

  • Human Co-becoming Redefining What it Means to be Human for the Super Smart Society

  • What are the Grand Challenges toward the 22nd Century? Frontline Research on Well-being

  • The Truth about Future Society and Well-being (1) Avoiding New Class Conflict

September 2019

  • Post-Information Era Outlook and Global Ethics

  • Impact of Digital Innovation on Business Management

  • From the Origin of Hitachi’s Ethics to the Future

June 2019

  • Achieving Community-oriented Social Innovation

  • Changing Values Brought about by Digital Technology : How to Make the Most of AI, Robots, and the IoT

  • Issues of Capitalism and the Importance of Ethics