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Corporate InformationSustainability

Building a safe and secure society: a pressing need for today. To respond more effectively to security needs in business and daily life, Hitachi launched the "Hitachi Security Project" in April 2005, offering comprehensive security solutions from the three perspectives of "business information," "daily living," and "a safe society."

Ensuring Safety and Security of Information

ATM equipped with finger vein authentication unit.

Leakage of personal and sensitive information is a serious social issue today. To enable real protection, securing information systems alone is not enough. A total approach is needed addressing from "where," "who," and "how" to handle information to document disposal. Given the huge volumes of information and funds being transferred over networks, technologies for highly reliable user authentication are of critical importance. For this, Hitachi has developed a biometric authentication system called the "finger vein authentication system" that reads the unique vein patterns in one's finger using near-infrared light. Because this system uses characteristics hidden inside the body, it is difficult to forge and more secure than fingerprint, face, and voice authentication. This new technology is already widely in use in entrance control and automated teller machines (ATMs).
Hitachi has also developed a diskless "security PC" to prevent leakage of information from a lost or stolen computer. Security PCs are being deployed within Hitachi under our information security policy. Other technologies developed by Hitachi include encryption systems for data protection, and "digital watermark print solution" to prevent reproduction and duplication of documents.
The Hitachi Group will continue to put all of its resources to work in helping build a safe and secure society.

Hitachi's Safety and Security Solutions
[image]Hitachi's Safety and Security Solutions

(Published in July 2006)