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Hitachi's Worldwide Reach

The United Nations Millennium Development Goals, adopted in 2000, seek to address numerous global issues. They include poverty, education, and healthcare, and extend to dealing with aging populations and deteriorating social infrastructures in advanced nations.
The Hitachi Group is taking advantage of its diverse businesses and activities in 40 countries to help society resolve such fundamental issues.

[Image]Gross Domestic Product 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19


The Hitachi Group's business activities address local issues in the following five areas:

Regional contributions Water conservation Energy Mobility Healthcare


1 Advanced high-speed trains in the United Kingdom Hitachi, Ltd. Mobility

2 EU-Hitachi Science & Technology Forum in Europe Hitachi, Ltd. Regional contributions

[Image]EU-Hitachi Science & Technology Forum

As a social contribution program we sponsor a forum where European researchers, government officials, academic leaders, and others can discuss how science and technology can be applied to solving the issues of Europe's civil society.


3 Hitachi-DST Scholarship Program for South African Engineers Hitachi, Ltd. Regional contributions

[Image]Hitachi-DST Scholarship Program

We joined hands with that nation's Department of Science and Technology to create a training program in Japan for young South African electric power engineers. The curriculum includes practical training at our plants and visits to electric power company facilities.


4 Supporting information and communication technology training in Saudi Arabia and other nations Hitachi Software Engineering Co., Ltd. and other Group companies Regional contributions

[Image]4 Supporting information and communication technology training

To promote the technology and skills training of young people who will assume major roles in the future, we support the creation of learning opportunities and elimination of the education gap by providing such equipment as projectors and interactive whiteboards.

Information and Communication Technology

5 Water recycling systems in the United Arab Emirates Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd. Water conservation

[Image]Water recycling systems

We built and commercialized a new business model for purifying household sewage and selling the recycled water in Dubai, which depends heavily on desalination.

6 Providing electricity to Neemrana Industrial Park in India Hitachi, Ltd. Energy

[Image]Providing electricity to Neemrana Industrial Park

With support from the Japanese and Indian governments, we have formulated a plan to establish a shared energy center in Neemrana Industrial Park in India. The plan looks to ensure a stable supply of energy at low cost through such means as building a network connecting the power generators owned by Japanese companies that have set up operations at the park.

7 Supplying advanced medical equipment* in Mongolia Hitachi Medical Corporation Healthcare

[Image]Supplying advanced medical equipment

We assist the diversification of diagnostic methods by supplying equipment, including X-ray diagnostic machines, CT scanners, and angiography systems, to developing regions that lack sufficient medical technology and equipment.

Including magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, and x-ray systems

8 Visiting Chinese elementary schools and Kindergartens to hold environmental classes Hitachi (China) Ltd. Regional contributions

[Image]Visiting Chinese elementary schools and kindergartens to hold environmental classes

We have run such classes continually in China since fiscal 2008.

9 Donating dormitory to Hitachi Hope Elementary School in China Hitachi (China) Ltd. Regional contributions

[Image]Donating dormitory to Hitachi Hope Elementary School

A dormitory building for students of Hitachi Hope Elementary School coming from distant locations was completed in November 2007 and donated to this Hitachi-supported school in the suburbs of Shanghai.

10 Model project for energy conservation in China Hitachi (China) Ltd. Energy

[Image]Model project for energy conservation

We launched the Cooperation Project for Energy-saving and Emission Reduction among SMEs with the China Center for Business Cooperation and Coordination and the Ningbo Municipal People's Government.

11 Global caravan activities in China, Thailand, and other countries* Hitachi, Ltd. Regional contributions

[Image]Global caravan activities

With the aim of strengthening monozukuri craftsmanship and human resources training at production sites outside Japan, Japanese technical staff are sent to provide instruction to local engineers. Their activities include conducting on-the-job training on such matters as how to increase production efficiency and better conserve energy.

This program instructs local manufacturing sites on ways to improve productivity and save energy

12 Removing antipersonnel mines in Asia and other regions Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Regional contributions

13 Hitachi Young Leaders Initiative in Southeast Asia Hitachi, Ltd. and Hitachi Asia Ltd. Regional contributions

[Image]Hitachi Young Leaders Initiative

We host an event that provides an opportunity for university students in Asia to gain an increased awareness of issues shared by Asian countries, through participation in forums, workshop sessions, and community work. This event is held regularly with a view to finding and training the next generation of Asian leaders.

14 Installing photovoltaic power systems in areas without electricity in Indonesia Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation Energy

all regions

15 Providing ballast water purification system in all regions Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd. Water conservation

[Image]Providing ballast water purification system

Tankers affect aquatic life because they repeatedly take on and discharge ballast water to adjust for cargo loads. We can swiftly purify this water through a technique that collects and magnetically separates organisms.


16 Providing water pumping systems to California, the United States Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd. Water conservation

[Image]Providing water pumping systems to California

We are in the process of replacing four large-scale pumps in the A.D. Edmonston Pumping Plant, which plays a central role in the system delivering water to the densely populated Southern California area from a water source located 1,100 kilometers away in Northern California. The population of Southern California is expected to top 50 million by 2020, and the replacement of the plant's pumps is one of the key measures toward ensuring a stable water supply.

17 Constructing ultra-supercritical pressure thermal power stations in the United States and elsewhere Hitachi, Ltd. Energy

[Image]Constructing ultra-supercritical pressure thermal power stations

We have built numerous such worldclass coal-fired facilities in the United States, Europe, and other countries.

18 Supplying proton therapy system in the United States Hitachi, Ltd. Healthcare

[Image]Supplying proton therapy system

We developed a discrete spot scanning proton therapy technique to minimize damage to normal tissues, becoming the first to achieve Food and Drug Administration 510(k) clearance.

19 Managing Hitachi North American Food Drive* in the United States Hitachi Group (North America) Regional contributions

[Image]Managing Hitachi North American Food Drive

The Hitachi Group and the Hitachi Foundation together conduct a food drive in July each year. To help those in need in the North American region, our employees collect food and funds and donate them to organizations providing food assistance to the needy.

Donating food to charities assisting low-income earners
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(Publishing in Julys 2010)