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Hitachi Projects Extending around the World

We have undertaken feasibility studies and experiments worldwide for building nextgeneration cities as part of our Social Innovation Business. We have also started projects in health care-essential in an aging Japan.

Supplying Charging Management Systems for Rental Electric Vehicles in Japan

Providing Infrastructure to Aid in the Spread of Electric Vehicles in Okinawa,Yokohama Smart City Project

Charger for rental electric vehicles in Okinawa

Storage battery from Hitachi Group company Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., that was adopted for the Yokohama Smart City Project

The Advanced Energy Company (AEC) adopted Hitachi's electric vehicle (EV) charging system as part of Okinawa Prefecture's plan to install a rapid and medium-speed charger infrastructure for EVs rented to tourists. That program began in February 2011.
Hitachi's solution is a system that processes information and monitors user authentication, fees, and payments for chargers in tourist and commercial areas. AEC plans to install 50 rental EV charging stations on Okinawa's main island by 2014. The company intends to eventually set up stations throughout the main island so residents can use rental cars once they have finished service. We will therefore continue to provide our charging management solution.
Kanagawa Prefecture chose our energy management system for recharging electric vehicles for the Yokohama Smart City Project, and we are pushing ahead with other experiments..

Contributing to the Development of a Low-Carbon Economy by Building a Low-Carbon Metropolis in China

Building Guangzhou Knowledge City Dalian Eco-Science and Technology City

Hitachi is the first Japanese company to participate in Guangzhou Knowledge City, a next-generation city being built by the governments of Guangdong Province and Singapore. When completed in 2030, the city-on 123 square kilometers outside Guangzhou-will house around 500,000. For this city, we launched a development center and are conducting a feasibility study for energy management, renewable energy, IT platforms, and next-generation transportation. Hitachi is also collaborating with the city of Dalian on smart grids, water treatment, and appliance recycling. We will supply technologies, products, and solutions.

Verifying Environmentally Conscious Package Infrastructure

Helping Set Up a Low-Carbon, Environmentally Conscious Infrastructure for India

Helping Set Up a Low-Carbon, Environmentally Conscious Infrastructure for India

Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, a joint Japan-India project, is a 1,500 km high-speed freight line between New Delhi, India's capital, and Mumbai, its largest city, with industrial sites, roads, ports, and other infrastructure over 300 km from south to north. In Dahej in Gujarat, a petrochemical zone, we made a study for a smart community in 2010. In 2011, Japan's METI commissioned us to explore a low-carbon infrastructure there. We will help create the infrastructures for urban and regional communities.

Natural Energy Control Technologies in Smart Housing in Japan

Smart Grid Experiment in Rokkasho Village

Rokkashomura-Futamata Wind Power Station

In September 2010, we jointly launched Japan's first smart grid in Rokkasho, Aomori Prefecture, a project for wind, solar, and other energy, with our partners, Japan Wind Development, Toyota Motor Corporation, and Panasonic Electric Works. We are testing energy applications between users and suppliers with energy storage equipment and management. For wind and solar, as well as smart meters for electricity generation and consumption in houses, we provide the demand and supply controls, including HUB batteries. We also monitor EcoCute water heaters and ensure efficiency of surplus electricity from solar power.

Participating in a Consortium: Industry, Academia, and Government in Urban Planning for a Graying Society in Japan

Health & Vitality Urban Development Project in Hitachinaka Gerontology Consortium, the University of Tokyo Industry-Academia Collaboration

Hitachinaka Hospital, the focus of the Health & Vitality Development Project

Believing that next-generation cities should be safe, secure and foster physical and mental health, we participate in graying society projects. We collaborate on the Health & Vitality project in a company hospital in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki. In the Gerontology Consortium, we propose solutions and roadmaps, together with various member companies, toward realizing an ideal graying society. We will continue helping with rural and urban revitalization through industry-academia-government collaboration, contributing with the realization of next-generation cities for a graying society.

This initiative continued from June 2011 as the University of Tokyo Industry-Academia Collaboration Gerontology Network

Improving Water Environments with Intelligent Water Systems

Water and Sewage Management in the Maldives Waste Water Recycling in Dubai

Building a water and sewage management facility in the Maldives

Since June 2010, the Water Environment Solution Division has provided "intelligent" water solutions-cycling water more efficiently with improved processing, information control and energy conservation. In the Republic of Maldives, we digitalized water distribution information, downsized purification plants and streamlined water and sewage systems. In Dubai, the UAE, our advanced waste water treatment helps with water shortages by recycling water and desalinating seawater as well as treating ballast water to preserve the environment. With "intelligent" water systems, we are increasing water cycle efficiency.