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Financial Systems Support Communities

Kita-Nippon Bank, supporting communities in the Tohoku region and elsewhere, had many branches damaged by the tsunami. We used our nationwide network to quickly find office terminals and get ATMs into temporary facilities, assisting with their recovery.

Helping Restore Damaged ATMs and Terminals

Kita-Nippon Bank in Iwate operates in Tokyo and in Tohoku (except Yamagata). The nine branches on the coast had major tsunami damage.

Since 2008, this bank has been using the Hitachi systems solution NEXTBASE.* We recovered ATMs that had been swept away and contacted other banks that use NEXTBASE, arranging for office terminals to be brought in. We provided support in response to requests that included putting ATMs into temporary branch offices, installing new ATMs, and providing computers.

Yoshinori Takahashi from Kita-Nippon Bank said that we went between banks and handled everything from contracts to opening temporary offices. He said, "Hitachi acted as though it was nothing special, just a natural extension of a strong relationship built up over time." "Key data was saved because the center with the host computers wasn't in Tohoku, allowing for a speedy recovery," added Shinichi Kudo.


The tsunami devastated the Takata Branch, sweeping away the building front and ATMs.


The tsunami caused major damage to 20 ATMs. Engineers tackled tasks such as repairing ATMs with case damage.

NEXTBASE: A joint outsourcing service that provides base systems such as accounting and host systems for regional financial institutions

Developing Disaster-Resistant Information Systems

Catastrophes like the Great East Japan Earthquake make it hard for banks to quickly recover. "If Hitachi could devise ways for banks to lend among themselves in an emergency, it would really help during disasters," suggests Yoshiyuki Sato from Kita-Nippon Bank. We will always live up to the trust of our customers by using our technologies and networks to support local communities.