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Taking on the World with Strong Partnerships

The swift recovery of the damaged Hitachi Works in Hitachi City was underpinned by support from many of our suppliers. The strong partnerships with suppliers that come from sharing information, challenges, and the same dedication was critical during the disaster.

Partnerships Shine during Disaster Recovery

Hitachi Works after the disaster. Many Group factories were damaged.

The Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami devastated buildings, cranes, machine tools, and other equipment at the Hitachi Works in Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture. By the end of March-less than a month later-production was almost completely restored. This quick recovery was due in part to the Hitachi Industrial Cooperative.*
Made up of Hitachi Group suppliers, the Cooperative has linked Hitachi and small and medium-sized local companies since being founded in 1949. Immediately after the disaster, Cooperative members shared information on damages and supported the restoration of Hitachi Works. For example, when workers couldn't enter damaged buildings, Yasunobu Komine recalls how member companies lent us workspace and tools to reduce the impact on our customers as much as possible. Support from the Hitachi Industrial Cooperative and many other suppliers was vital for our rapid restoration of operations.

Hitachi Industrial Cooperative: 37 suppliers (March 2011) with committees on canning, electrical products, and machinery raw materials, with joint order receipts, purchasing, low-interest loan promotion, and insurance.

Growing Together by Sharing Information and Challenges

"Cooperative members know they are contributing to society through their involvement in Hitachi's operations, focused on the Social Innovation Business," explains Komine. "At regular briefings, we share information on markets and technology. Responding to Hitachi's requirements helps us to develop."

"Interaction, such as information exchanges, allows the Hitachi Group and suppliers to meet challenges, like globalization, together," says Toshio Shimizu. Study groups discuss globalization and BCPs. In June 2012, Hitachi coordinated a trip to China for 14 companies. The strong supplier partnerships create a sense of purpose, information, and challenge. For tough competition in global markets, we will deepen those partnerships and support our partners' globalization as we grow together.