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Supporting Employees' Volunteer Work for Disaster Recovery

We hold seminars and workshops to respond to the needs of employees volunteering their support for disaster areas and victims. We will continue to support our employees' volunteer work.

Volunteers used SNS and websites, showing their volunteer spirit at a seminar. Volunteer information and personal reports are put up on the SNS and websites, fostering the volunteer spirit among Group employees.

Many employees volunteered to help in disaster areas. However, others wanted to help but were worried about going there. Hitachi's Corporate Citizenship Department then supported those employees. In fiscal 2011, we held four meetings for 150 employees, including a mental care seminar and a cloth toy workshop.
The mental care seminar gave employees an understanding of the conditions and some preparation to prevent them from being overwhelmed or becoming a burden to victims when they volunteer in disaster areas. Employees who were introduced to volunteer activities that could be carried out in Tokyo, such as making cloth toys for children in disaster areas, commented that they were pleased to know that there was something they could do locally.
Social concern was clear from employees using the in-house Social Networking Service (SNS); they exchanged information, talking about volunteering and their own experiences. We value employees' concern and maintain support for volunteering through, for example, seminars and travel to disaster areas. The entire Hitachi Group supports the recovery process.