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Corporate InformationSustainability

Our R&D program focuses on products and services that help to resolve social issues.

Creating value to fulfill our Corporate Credo—contributing to society through the development of superior, original technology and products—has underpinned our business development for more than a century.
Environmental issues are becoming global: climate change and ecosystem degradation as well as energy, water, resource and food shortages, urban population growth, graying of societies, and others. To solve these problems, as a global corporate citizen, we create both economic and social value for a sustainable society.
Our new Hitachi Group Vision action plan, the 2015 Mid-Term Management Plan, clarifies our contribution to overcoming the challenges facing society and drives our Social Innovation Business.

Hitachi's Solutions for Social Problems

Combining our wide-ranging business activities with IT solutions helps us resolve global environmental problems and social issues.

Environment and Energy Issues Health and Aging Issues Biodiversity, Water and Resource Issues Cities and Transportation Issues

Case Study


The Maldives: Water and Sewage Projects

We participate in water and sewage projects that support their stable supply, building a pipe information management system in the island of Male, a part of the nation's capital.
We are also proposing for multi-stage utilization of deep-sea water to pump and utilize it for air conditioning of the airport building and also as potable water using a seawater desalination unit.


Maui Smart Grid Demonstration Project

This project aims to build a smart grid environment, while deepening mutual understanding with the local community through a dialogue process. Electric vehicle (EV) charging systems, ICT platforms, home gateways, and other technologies will be introduced to support EVs, make maximum use of renewable energies, and ensure a constant power supply.

Key Hitachi Business Segments


The Hitachi Group contributes to society through a wide range of business operations including the social infrastructure business segment.