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Building on Hitachi's history of contributing to medical care with superior technologies, products, and services, we are using IT to create advanced healthcare solutions that support people's healthy lives and future society.

Providing Optimal Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare stands alongside the environment and energy as an increasingly serious global social issue. The developed world urgently needs to deal with the graying of society, an increase in chronic diseases, and rising medical spending, while emerging countries need to boost medical care and healthcare standards to meet their individual requirements. In addition to medical examinations and treatment, preventive and convalescent healthcare is becoming more and more important-nursing care included.

We see healthcare as an integral part of the social infrastructure supporting 21st century society. Hitachi has long provided products and services in the entire healthcare value chain from disease prevention and medical checkups to examinations, diagnosis, treatment, convalescent care, and drug development. We will continue to develop healthcare solutions optimized for the individual, while helping to resolve social issues using our technologies and solutions for a global roll-out of an IT-enhanced social infrastructure.

Realizing our Healthcare Group Vision

Hitachi established the Health Care Group in April 2014 as a way to respond swiftly to increasingly varied global healthcare needs. Hitachi's seventh group, the Health Care Group, will include the new Health Care Company that integrates the healthcare-related businesses that were previously distributed among Hitachi's in-house companies and Group companies, including Hitachi Medical Corporation, which develops and manufactures medical equipment and systems.

The new Health Care Group will unify Hitachi's many medical technologies and systems with the goal of helping to build a society where everyone can be healthy, safe, and secure. These technologies include analytic and forecasting technologies that use big data from Hitachi Health Insurance Society subscribers to optimize medical spending, and a proton beam therapy system that is garnering global attention as a new cancer treatment. What's more, the new group will provide solutions combining medical equipment and medical services with IT for a care cycle that covers disease prevention and medical checkups, examinations and diagnosis, treatment, and convalescent care. By doing this, we will improve our ability to propose solutions for varied healthcare needs and boost the quality of life (QOL) for everyone, contributing to the realization of healthy, safe, and secure societies around the world.

Hitachi Care Cycle


Medical Equipment with Hitachi Quality and Reliability

Hitachi Medical Corporation, part of the Health Care Group, drives the Group's healthcare business with diagnostic imaging equipment such as diagnostic ultrasound systems, MRI,*1 X-ray CT,*2 and X-ray diagnostic systems.

Hitachi Medical's products are developing based on our patient-friendly product concept. For example, instead of conventional bore-shaped MRIs, a new shape better suited to the work flow of medical staff has been developed. The new MRI system also accommodates varied patient, including the elderly, infants, people with large physiques, and those who are claustrophobic. The open architecture MRI has magnets that use limited power for low power consumption. The new MRI system is used in more than 150 countries and regions, including emerging countries and places without a stable power supply. Hitachi Medical's diagnostic imaging systems are also used in training, helping medical staff in and outside Japan acquire new skills.

Hitachi is renowned for reliability, from high-quality medical equipment through to maintenance and repair. Combining products and services with IT, we aim to build an even more extensive range of healthcare solutions.

MRI : magnetic resonance imaging
CT : Computed tomography

Hitachi Medical's magnet-based open architecture AIRIS Soleil MRI system

Integrated Healthcare Platforms

In October 2013, Hitachi and NHS*1 Greater Manchester*2 launched a joint proof-of-concept project for using IT to improve healthcare services. Together with GPs*3 and the NHS, Hitachi will develop a system and network infrastructure for centralizing the management of local medical institutions' medical records, while safeguarding security and privacy. Hitachi will also develop IT-based lifestyle disease programs targeting people at risk for diabetes, using the lifestyle and health coaching skills learned from Hitachi Health Insurance Society's success with the Harasuma Diet*4 program.
Geared to specific communities, Hitachi's IT-based integrated platforms will help to provide ideal healthcare solutions for everyone, as well as improve the quality of medical care and optimize medical spending.

NHS : Britain's National Health Service
NHS Greater Manchester: The representative body for 10 clinical commissioning groups serving the Manchester region
GPs : General Practitioners (doctors)
Harasuma Diet: A diet program designed by Dr. Nakagawa at the Hitachi Health Care Center

Trialing a prototype system for a lifestyle improvement program


Global Rollout of Proton Beam Cancer Therapy System

Hitachi's advanced proton beam cancer therapy system has already been introduced in 11 countries. The system was launched in 2006 at the Proton Therapy Center in the 70-year-old University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, and has treated more than 5,000 patients, as of April 2014. The unique spotscanning technology, which can direct a proton beam at a tumor to minimize the impact on normal cells, has been adopted by top medical institutions in the US. Through the development of technologies like these, Hitachi is contributing to the leading-edge radiation and cancer therapy that protects patients' quality of life.

Proton beam cancer therapy system at the MD Anderson Cancer Center