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Corporate InformationSustainability

Hitachi's R&D program focuses on products and services that help to resolve social issues.

Creating value to fulfill our Corporate Credo-contributing to society through the development of superior, original technology and products-has underpinned our business development for more than a century.
Environmental issues are becoming global: climate change and ecosystem degradation as well as energy, water, resource and food shortages, urban population growth, graying of societies, and others. To solve these social issues, as a global corporate citizen, we create both economic and social value for a sustainable society.

Hitachi's Solutions for Social Issues

Combining our wide-ranging business activities with IT solutions helps us resolve social issues including global environment.

Key Hitachi Business Segments

Hitachi contributes to society through a wide range of business operations including the social infrastructure business segment.

Contributing to Society through Business

Creating a Healthy, Safe Society through Our Healthcare Business

Renewable Energy for the Future

Dialogue: Hitachi's Social Innovation Business

Working with Governments and Public Policymakers

We are strengthening our external relations globally-policy recommendations included-and feeding back to management information on social and policy trends.